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The Madalynne Girl: Nicole Boychuck


Clothes are powerful. I believe that what we wear speaks volumes about our personality and our lifestyle. On the flip side, I also believe that our personality and our lifestyle can be shaped by what we wear. When I put on a kick ass pair of boots, I feel kick ass. Like I can conquer the world. When developing the Nina set, I didn’t just envision someone like me, AKA a small chested woman, wearing it. I imagined women of all shapes and sizes feeling comfortable, sexy and confident just the way I do.

Last week, I introduced the Madalynne Girl, which is an ongoing project portraying a wide range of women who wear Madalynne lingerie. The point is to show that our differences is what makes us beautiful. First up is Nicole Boychuck, blogger behind Wandress World. Let me tell you, she is the coolest chick around. Super sweet too. She has an unusual sense of style – effortless and chic. When photographing our styled shoot, she didn’t “pose” like most models do, which is a testament to how comfortable she seemed in her own skin.

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Tell Us About Yourself? I’m a 24 year old full time student studying Fashion Merchandising and Management. I’m a huge animal lover! We have two dogs Luna & Leif, and a bengal cat, Ouija! I’m a total homebody most days but I love to go out and see live music and dance the stress of school away 🙂

What’s Your Bra Size? 34D

Do you remember your first bra? How old were you? What color and style was it? I was a late bloomer, but I definitely wanted to seem cool so I used to steal/borrow my older sister’s training bras! When I finally got my own, I’m 99% sure it was some form of crazy bright color from Limited Too. I’m not sure I shopped anywhere else for the majority of my childhood.

Do you have any bra rules, such as no bralettes, must be black, no bright colors? Oh no! I love to experiment. Even though I wear a bigger bra size, I still find any excuse I can to wear bralettes. I used to never be able to wear open back tops or dresses but now that bralettes are so popular, I finally can! I buy them in fun colors and neutrals so I can create lots of different looks.

What is your favorite way to visibly wear lingerie? I would definitely say the open back trend is my absolute favorite. I find a visible back to be so sexy yet classy. The new sheer trend is also loads of fun! I used to be scared of wearing a bralette with a sheer top, because of my cup size it just felt inappropriate. But now that I have the Nina bra, I totally can pull it off and feel confident!

Describe your current lingerie wardrobe in 3 words. Comfort, lace-y and fun

Who is your favorite fictional and real world heroine? Hmm… this is a tough one. Fictional, I would have to say Michonne from the Walking Dead. She is so badass, independent and strong. Plus she makes me want to get a Katana to hang over my fireplace. Real world heroine, I will say Jane Goodall. I had to do a research project on an inspiring woman in elementary school and I became so interested in her work as an animal rights activist.

In your eyes, who is the Madalynne woman? The Madalynne woman is independent & strong. Her intelligence and drive are her sexiest assets. She’s not afraid to make hard decisions and work day & night for what she wants.



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    Madalynne, You and Nichole are both totally adorable!

    I’ve been following your success since you first offered your Noelle Halter Bralette and panty pattern for free download. I’m making it for my 26-year old daughter this week. (Yes, I’ll send you pix.)

    I’ve made Florence from Collette Patterns’ Florence lounge bra and now I’m venturing into more structured makes like Beverly Johnson’s Shelley. At 61, post mastectomy & breast reconstruction, I’ll always be more bra than bralette oriented, but I love the bralette look on younger women. I’m hoping my daughter will love her made-in-the-USA-by-Mom Madalynne Noelle.

    Best of luck to you in your calling. Making a little corner of the world prettier is empowering, noble and brave. Thanks for doing your part.

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      You are so sweet. Thank you! I’m on a mission and it’s the support from other people link you who keep me going when I don’t think I can.

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