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Madalynne Goes Mobile

mobile website for bloggers

I finally did it; I finally went mobile.

I do everything on my phone. Talk, text, pin, Instagram. My first experience with the internet was on a computer, but today, most people first experience it through a mobile device. Isn’t that crazy? I am very picky about the visuals on Madalynne, and I have spent weeks thinking about and working on the layout, graphics, and photo(s) of a particular blog post. Why? Because I really care the aesthetic of my blog. Have you ever been into an Anthropologie store? Even if I don’t have money to spend, I go in and browse just because the products are so pretty. I want Madalynne to do the same thing. Even if I don’t post for a day, I want you to want to come to my site. So, because of the amount of people that are using their phones as a primary reading device, I want to make sure that my aesthetic translates to your iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

Enter Marfeel, a Spanish start-up that I wanted to share with you in case you’re looking to do the same thing – go mobile. They’ve created mobile sites for newspapers such as Sport, Gala.fr, News.va, and bloggers such as Belleamour. What I liked most about Marfeel is that their focus is to improve the reading experience for a website and/or blog by creating a clean, interactive, and very visual layout. And as proof, Madalynne’s average reading time increased to 8 minutes and 22 seconds since the mobile site went live. They transformed Madalynne from a site that needed to be zoomed in and out in order to read clearly into a site that was easy to navigate and see on any device.

So, please keep Marfeel in mind if you’re interested in creating a mobile site, and please let me know if you have had trouble accessing my site (commenting directly on the mobile site will be a feature in the next coming months).

Thank you Marfeel!

mobile website for bloggers


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    your tablet site is a beauty…. i’ve noticed if you click on “comments”, it will take you to the regular site if you want to view it that way.

    i do the same with anthro. you’re reeeeealllly making me want to jazz my site up…

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    Emily Baker

    such a fan of your blog 🙂

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    Really good to know thanks Maddy – since switching from blogger (which had its own mobile version included automatically) to WordPress.com (which has nothing) I’ve been lamenting the loss of that platform. I’ll keep an eye out for how well it integrates commenting in the coming months 🙂

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