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Madalynne Intimates

Madalynne Intimates is the manifestation of my passion for making and teaching lingerie. It was natural for me to channel my vision and technical skills into my own line, and it is a contemporary, modern take on my aesthetic that mixes sporty, feminine, comfort and function. Every piece is cut and sewn in Brooklyn; made in the USA being important to me. The end result – tasteful yet strikingly bold lingerie that feels and functions as magnificent as it looks. For me, my overarching vision is to provide feminine and comfortable lingerie to women, whether that be through sewing their own or buying from the market.


Big busted, small chested, curly hair, straight hair, short torso, long legs, innies, outies, freckles, birth marks, tattoos, body piercings, students, veterans, mothers, and more. The Madalynne Girl is a contemporary woman who appreciates garments that cater to her uniqueness while keeping great quality, cut and affordability. She likes a purity of design, understated textures and patterns and a natural palette. She keeps busy and pushes herself to her best capacities. She loves Mapplethorpe as much as Avedon and Hepburn as much as Shatner. Most important, she is a testament and example of females who are different than the standard definition of our gender.


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