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Madalynne Update: Workshops, Collection and More!

As a follow up to my post in March, I am giving another glimpse/overview of what I am working on. Some of the projects turned out to be a total flop while others were and still are a complete hit. It’s normal for plans to fall through, and I want to show you that it’s okay. We ain’t perfect!

Bra Making with Madalynne

My bra workshops have been a smash hit! I’ve hosted 3 so far this year and there is one more on November 7. With a full time job, it’s difficult for me to commit to projects, but the set up of the workshops suits my schedule very nicely. I prep the weekend/week before, teach that Saturday, rest Sunday and then go back to work on Monday refreshed and not exhausted. Additionally, I have a blast meeting new sewists. I keep in touch with many of them too. With the end of the year creeping up, I’m beginning to plan workshops for 2016. Most likely, there will be between 4-6 sessions. The majority will be held at Madalynne Studios here in Philly, but between 1-2 will be elsewhere… I’m going international. Details are currently being finalized, but if you’ll be in London next May and want to attend (or will make a trip to attend), click here to get access to early registration.

Portrait of a Seamstress + madalynne intimates rtw

Remember that book I wrote two years ago and still haven’t published? I took a brief sabbatical after I was turned down from every single publisher. They wanted a sewing tutorial book – I wanted to do something different. I picked it up at the beginning of the year and edited it heavily. In May, I began working with Shannon from Little Kids Grow to self publish. I thought 2015 would be the year I finally released it, but something else came up. I receive many questions about making/selling lingerie. I make/sell a lot, and demand has been growing. I’m not super woman though and I cannot continue at the pace I am going now, especially if it continues to grow. The heavens opened and the stars aligned recently when I found a local manufacturer who was willing to produce a small collection of Noelle Warner (bra + undie) at an incredible price. I’m currently in the sample making process, but production is right around the corner. Even though I have experience in production and sourcing, it has been a huge learning curve to figure out how to manufacture my own collection. I’ve been fortunate to have had a handful of people helping me navigate and make the best choices.

Want to purchase a Noelle Warner? Click here to receive a sneak peak and first dibs with they go on sale. There will be a limited quantity, so snatch them up before they sell out!


There’s a new member of the Madalynne team and her name is Katie. It’s a long story how we met, and if you’re ever in Philly, I’ll take you for a drink and tell you in person because that story needs a stiff one. She’s been incredible at doing the little odds and ends that take up a lot of my time.


If you sew lingerie, you need a cover stitch machine! It has totally enhanced the quality of my lingerie – way more profesh – and I don’t feel limited by what I can do anymore. I’m still learning about the machine, but so far, I use it mostly to attach bottom bands to bras using this technique. Lauren of The Constitution of Lauren gave me a few presser feet too – can’t wait to experiment with those!

Bra Making Forum Facebook Page

The Facebook group Natasha and I created has become very active and membership has grown to more than 1,000. It has been a great resource for me to learn about bra making – where to buy fabric and supplies, fit, construction, etc. I have a small chest and this is where I learn about sewing bras for larger chests. Want to join? Click here!

Madalynne Sewing Prints

Total flop. Let’s move on, shall we?

Currently Sewing

Undies and bodysuits! I vowed to up my undie game and I’m experimenting with different shapes and silhouettes. I’m very good with sewing bras, but I often get so excited about finishing, that the matching undies end up in the UFO pile. It’s bad. So, my current lingerie wardrobe is lacking in the underwear department and if I don’t get my act together soon, I’ll be going commando. No bueno.

I’m also experimenting with bodysuits. I’ve never found a practical way to wear them, but with the weather changing soon, I’m thinking I could wear a bodysuit made of a heavier fabric (ponte or stretch velvet?) underneath dresses and with tights/thigh highs. It would also be a good way to make extend my summer dresses into fall.

Basil and Sage

My two kitties are growing up so fast! Sage has become the noisiest cat I’ve ever lived with. He says things like, “LOVE that oufit!” and, “You need more sparkle, Mommy.” Since when did kids become so smart?

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    Stacia | Paper Swallow Events

    So many wonderful changes! Excited about your mini collection!

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