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Madalynne X Simplicity Video Tutorial

how to sew a bra

Just when you thought everything from the Madalynne X Simplicity lingerie line was released, I have more! Muahaha…

In July, I posted a sneak peek hinting that a video tutorial would accompany the patterns. Well, it’s here! I am a visual learner and absorb information best by watching someone first, then attempting it myself after. So, although I hope this short video will help everyone, I especially hope it helps other visual learners like myself.

The goal of the video was to create a short guide (less than 15 minutes) on how to make the underwire bra from the line, the 8229. It was created by the super talented videographer, Brittany Ann Cool. Filming was nerve-racking – memorizing all those lines, ugh! – but watching myself was even more gut-wrenching. I’m very comfortable in front of a camera, but once video turns on, I’m so stiff, so posed, so first-timer. So, please bear with me and all my awkwardness. Maybe it’s just me? I swear I’m WAY cooler in real life ; )

Very soon, I’ll be creating a page on this website where all the Madalynne X Simplicity information, blog posts, links to vendors, etc. will live. Until then, the video will be on my YouTube as well as below.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!


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    seamsalright Joyce

    That video is awesome! Thanks!

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    mlga 730

    Great video! Wanted to know if this is a full support bra for DD or DDD cup sizes?

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      The size range for the 8229 is from 32A to 42DD, and it can be a full support bra if the right fabrics are used (i.e. for bridge and cups, use a rigid lace and line with 15 denier tricot)

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    I am super excited about this!

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    I just bought your two Simplicity patterns, 8228 and 8229. I’m SO excited to watch your tutorial and to sew them. Thank you!!!

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      Awesome! So great to hear! Be sure to share what you made. I would LOVE to see the final bra.

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    rachael crawford

    I can’t find galloon lace fabric! Where do you buy your supplies??

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    Paisley Poland

    Incredible video. I wish i could saw my own bra 🙂 Simplicity patters are great!

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