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Madalynne Year In Review


I am ending this year in a much different place than where I started. A year ago, I was uncertain. I was planning my first bra workshop, and to be quite honest, I wasn’t sure about it. I loved the idea, but I didn’t know if others would feel the same. Luckily, the classes have been a success, not to mention a ton of fun. There isn’t anything like it, at least I don’t think so, which is why you ALL should attend. Ahem…

In last year’s review, I wrote that I wanted to devote a lot of time to bra making and I think I did a damn good job at accomplishing that. What’s on the horizon for next year? From the way it looks now, 2016 is going to be great. Things could change, but that’s the current forecast. With that though, my life is going to get crazy and it will be important to stay focused. To keep my eye on the prize. When projects seem endless, when deadlines approach, and when I spend 4 times sewing the same hook + eye, here are the mottos I’m going to TRY to keep in mind…


Working too much is a habit I slip into a lot. It’s difficult to switch off at the end of the day or to take time on the weekends for myself. There is always something to do. It gets tricky because my work is also my passion. Too much of anything though, even a passion, isn’t good. Taking time to do something that is neither my work nor my passion will be key to staying balanced. In order to achieve that, I have to work smarter, not harder. Prioritize, make a realistic to-do list, execute, and then go enjoy life, food, people, places.


Fear can be a good thing – it makes you take action against what you do not want to happen. If a car pulled out in front of me, fear is what would make me to jump out of the way. Fear can also be a bad thing, debilitating. I believe that the things you fear the most will most likely never happen. You fear them so much that you do everything in your power for them not to occur. Rather than living life in constant anxiety, which usually comes with fear, I’m going to live out of belief. This brings me to my next point.


Everything happens for a reason. More so than ever, I felt that this year. There were many occasions when I thought something was going to work out a certain way and didn’t. I was upset, but weeks or months later, the reason became clear. This taught me that there is only so much planning I can do, and that life has a funny way of working itself out. That’s hard for this planner who has a calendar that is synced on all my devices to absorb. I have to try my absolute hardest, but then let go, believe and have faith.


For good or bad, whichever way you look at it, the internet and social media will become more and more a part of my life. Your life too. It’s going to move faster and quicker, and it will become a mad race to figure out every new tool or app and how to use it. The landscape will become dog-eat-dog, but only if you let it. Rather than focusing on how many likes, comments, hits or responses I get, I will concentrate on building community. I will share, regram, retweet and comment in an effort to gain an army of like-minded people. I don’t care if my army is 5, 50 or 50k people. Jesus initially only had 12 followers – his disciples.


Lingerie will definitely be the focus. I want to continue to learn new skills and fine tune my aesthetic. That doesn’t mean lingerie will be the only thing I will make. I’m excited about my partnership with Spiegel’s and want to sew a few garments and post tutorials related to it. Activewear has also been on my mind, especially since Sewaholic released the Dunbar top. Did you see Novita’s sports bra? Love!

I’m excited to take Bra Making with Madalynne on the road, crossing the Atlantic and teaching in London in May. I have two other locations in the works for the latter half of the year. One on the west coast and one down south. I’ll keep those hush hush for now.

Last is  #thewaysewingusedtobe. Remember the instagram series I started after a coworker gifted me a box of vintage sewing notions? That was 2 years ago and I haven’t kept up with it recently. There are over 500 photos in the album, let’s keep it going! Any thoughts or suggestions on how to drum up excitement, let me know!

What are your goals for the new year?


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    Heyyy I’m down South!! Can’t wait to hear about those details, and I’m excited to see where 2016 takes all of us. I definitely want to concentrate on sewing lingerie, but also skirts and dresses. Thanks for all of your inspiration and education!

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    Can’t wait to hear where your West Coast sessions will be. Hopefully I’ll be able to attend. Don’t have any goals for the new year yet but you got me starting to think about it. For sure my main one will be establishing my dress making company.

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    Cindy Sowers

    I just found your blog a week ago and spent a lot of my holiday drive from Vermont to Syracuse reading your past posts (as passenger, not driver 🙂 ). You so inspire me! I make my living in miniature on etsy – doll clothes, dolls, other miniatures – and have been searching for some inspiration to get going again in human scale for myself (I majored in fashion design, have sold some OOAK pieces for women but rarely sew for myself). I came home from holiday and am rearranging my office to include a much larger cutting table, where I plan to get my blocks drawn up and hopefully actually make something. Thanks for the push. I love what you do. XOXO Cindy

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    Hi Madalynne, I follow your blog all the way from the other side of the world. You have a lovely blog and I identified with most of the things that you said here. I also tend to turn my passions into work and I think that these two things somehow go together for me. Sometimes I focus so intensively that I get carried away and I come to the point that I have to rip myself off my working table 🙂 i am trying to teach myself to switch off and take a break. I also thought a lot about fear this year. You know how they always say that you should overcome your fears etc. I find this very misguiding. I believe that fear is not something that should always be overcome because it may guide you and protect you. For instance, I sometimes surf in rainy weather and my fear teaches me which waves and winds are dangerous to take and this protects me. Having said that you should of course try to overcome your fears if they stop you from doing things that you may love. I also agree with your point regarding the online world and building a community. Keep up the good work and happy new year.

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