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What i Made: Wexler Rose

wexler_rose (1 of 11)_low_res

There’s a reason why Vivian Ward wore red on her date with Edward Lewis. It transformed her, Cinderella style, in an elegant way. It’s also why many of us choose that crimson hue instead of white, green or any other color when we want to vamp it up. Research has proven the color subconsciously but powerfully peaks emotions, and society has leveraged this effect long before it was confirmed by science. Women in Mesopotamia wore red lipstick 10,000 years ago and Cleopatra was known for her seductive, red kissers. Although we ladies paint our lips using formula from a tube rather than a crushed up insect, the effect remains the same. Daaaamnn girl.

While my lingerie sewing has increasingly become more intricate, my garment sewing has swung in the other direction. Back to the basics. Yet, despite the itch for simplicity, I still crave a minor dose for bloody rose. There’s a weird dichotomy going on inside my head and I think it’s ironic how it’s balancing out. However conflicting my sartorial sewing is, this pair of pants, Wexler Rose, was the perfect fix.

One of my sewing goals this year was to develop 5 core patterns that would serve as the basis of my me-made wardrobe. I gave myself the entire year because that’s how much time it takes to not only develop a foundation pattern, but fine tune and perfect it. One of those was Jasper Lee (the top) and another was Orla Madison. I’ve made them out of silk pique and I’ve made them out of orange lace. This time around, it was red wool from Mood Fabrics. I won’t go into too much detail about the construction, you can find that information here, but what was new about this version was the longer, wider leg. It was an experiment. Could I simply extend and widen the leg from the previous pattern without it altering the hang or the balance? Yes, indeed! It’s a no brainer, but every pattern maker must be careful of the butterfly fly effect a simple slash and open or something similar could cause.

I also recently brought up a topic about pants and underlining. The first pair of these pants was unlined, and it stretched out during the day. I underlined the second pair with a light-weight, firmly woven cotton, and it worked wonders. Those babies stayed very close to their original measurements through many wearings. This version tested my theory. Now, I’m not saying that every pair of pants need to be underlined, but considering the amount of stress they are put under, I think that if you’re using a fabric for a pair of pants that isn’t heavy-weight, consider underlining it. Beef those babies up (it also makes slip stitching the waistband and catch stitching the seam down a lot easier!)

Oh, and what happened to that polka dot top I planned to pair with these pants? I lost it! I swear I’m not lying! Not the whole thing, but the back piece. I searched high and low for it to no avail. Has that ever happened to you?

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wexler_rose (11 of 11)_low_reswexler_rose (5 of 11)_low_reswexler_rose (10 of 11)_low_res



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    emily marie

    Sooooo gorgeous, Maddie. The hang is perfect, and the colour is so amazing I got sad when I scrolled past the black & white photos!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Sad?!? I hope for a good reason!

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        emily marie

        haha, I should have included a winky face, because not really! They are great. The red is just so pretty that the lack of it is therefore a bit of a bummer. 😉

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    Maddie these are so amazing. That fit right there is pretty much the perfect pair of pants, fitted at the hips, wide leg, flattering on every body. That color is beautiful too.

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    Crafty Albumine

    I love the fit os this pair of pants. It’s perfect and you look amazing!

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    Oh these are perfect. You look so powerful, elegant and desirable in these. Sometimes less is more and you are rockin’ these simple but stunning pants.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Powerful? Oh boy : )

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    Kirsty Splatt


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    Just beautiful, Maddie! I love the leg shape and the fit is spot on! Well done!

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    Debbie Iles


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    Jennifer Sauer

    Love the red pants. I’ve never attempted any “pant” more complicated than a pyjama pant – the whole rise/crotch depth/sway back thing just makes me shudder. Good on you for taking the time and effort to develop your patterns.

    On a different topic, is anyone else tired of the “half-tuck”? Not a criticism, it’s just so ubiquitous. I’d like to see you in these pants with a blouse tucked-in, because I can see that the pants are so wonderfully tailored. And I think the loose shirt tail kind of messes with the line. What do you think about the “half-tuck” phenomenon and the interruption of design lines?

    With respect,
    Jennifer in KS

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      Maddie Flanigan

      I totally see your point, but I’m a huge fan of the half tuck. It suits my personality – tailored but with a little mess.

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    These are really lovely! I don’t usually like wide-legged trousers, but these are totally working.

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    These are wonderful and perfectly tailored. I still struggle with saggy butt pants syndrome – hopefully one day I can get them as perfect as these.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Usually, you just have to “pick up” the inseam between the knee and the crotch. That’s what I did. If you want to know more, email me!

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    Oh I love these red pants!! I always love red pants on other people but not myself. I’ve made a pair last year out of a red wool gabardine from Mood. I’ve worn them but not as much as I should. I’m too self conscious and feel like everyone is staring at me. Ha, kinda stupid. Maybe they are staring at my fab red pants!! ;)>

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      Maddie Flanigan

      I’m sure they’re looking at your red pants!

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    Beautiful! The silhouette these two pieces make together is perfect.

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    You’re making me want to shimmy on up to mood and make myself a pair. These look divine on you. totally drooling over here

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    These are wonderful! Personally I prefer the fit for these than the ‘Jasper Lee’ ones! 🙂

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    I love it! They look amazing on you and the red is perfect!

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    Oh la la the glamour! These are my dream pants. (I love red trousers.) It’s so great to have the block down, isn’t it?

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    Beth – Sew DIY

    Those pants are amazing! I love them.

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    Amanda Russell

    STUNNING!!!! I want those pants in my life!!! ^__^

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    juliana calado

    so elegant!

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