Make Your Own Vera Aveline


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  1. Kim

    Thanks for the tutorial! I can’t wait to try this for a very flowy summer dress :) Looks perfect for Burning Man too, now I just need to find the right fabric to take with me to the desert..

  2. emily marie

    Lovely how-to and illustrations, Maddie. The dress is totally gorgeous on you!

  3. Amy

    This is such a gorgeous dress, Maddie. I love that back! Come about July this might be the perfect solution to my complaints about how hot I am.

  4. juliana calado

    Hi, Maddie!
    I really love the looks of this, and I intend to do one this weekend.
    There’s beatiful silk in my stack I want to use, but it will surely need lining(it is really sheer!). Do you suppose it will work just the same with two layers of fabric? should I gather each layer separately and then sew them together before adding the twill tape?
    I might even try a double sided dress!

    beautiful post!

    thank you,

    • juliana calado

      oh, and I have another question!
      step 3 is when we should finish bottom edge of dress, right? how about top edge, should it be done before shirring? or should we just zigzag, or overlock, or something like that?

      thanks again!

      • Maddie Flanigan

        So glad you’re making this dress! Be sure to send me the photos of the final piece. I plan to do a recap post.

        As for your question – it’s okay to line it. The one in the photos above is 2 layers of crepe de chine. I would hem the self and lining at top and bottom edges separately and then gather as one ply. Does that make sense?

        • juliana calado

          yes, perfectly. working on it, will send photos when done!
          thank you lady *

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