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Mallori Lane: A Free PDF Pattern + Bra Kits + Custom Bra Orders

mallori lane-pattern

As I become more involved in bra making, I’m wearing less and less handmade garments. Sigh. Truth is, there are only 24 hours in a day and I simply can’t make it all. I’m okay with that because I have some pretty darn fancy lace on my sewing table constantly. What bra am I grabbing day in and day out? Other than Nina and Nellie Warner, it’s Mallori Lane. Which one I pick depends on the blouse I’m wearing that day. It’s not just me who likes this style. I’ve had many requests from friends and coworkers who don’t know how to sew to make them one. I made one for my manager!

This interest pushed me to create a free PDF pattern so that you can make your own. It’s is available in limited sizes – xx-small through large – and meant for cup sizes A-B because there is no shaping via a seam or shirring. No, that’s not vanity sizing. I am the smallest size with a full bust measurement of 31″ and I want to offer a modern bra pattern for other petite women. Also, because it’s free, the pattern doesn’t come with the bells and whistles most other indies offer. There is a size chart, simple construction steps, and visuals that provide enough information to make the bra, but there won’t be a sew-along, blog tour, etc. I have total faith that you can make it! The trickiest part is attaching the elastic to the top BACK band before sewing it to the FRONT band. So read the construction steps carefully!

The purpose of this release is to be a gauge of whether I should release future patterns. Selling patterns is a huge commitment. Although I’d love to see other women in my designs, if there’s no market for it, it’s not worth it.

Another big announcement – I’m now offering custom bra orders of this bra, Nellie Warner and Nina Warner. Like I wrote above, I’ve received many emails from people who can’t sew but want one. If you’re one of those people, email me for prices and turnaround! Please note that I’ll be taking orders on a first come, first serve basis.

To go along with the release of this pattern, Arte Crafts is offering white findings kits. In one kit, you have enough strap and picot elastic (both fully dyeable), channeling and metal rings and sliders to make your own iteration. All you need is stretch fabric and lining, which you can also purchase at her store.

Phew! I think I covered it all! Thank you again for following along with my bra making adventures. I’m really excited to take this next step. Lingerie feels right to me; like it’s what I’m meant to make as a seamstress.

Click here to download the pattern. If you make Mallori Lane, be sure to share it on Instagram with the hashtag #bramakingwithmadalynne and #mallorilane or email me with photos. I might do a round up later on.



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    Fantastic news! Have to admit I was drooling slightly over the bra when you blogged about it the other day. Looking forward to making one for myself.

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      Please be sure to share photos of your version, I’d love to see it!

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    Great to see you’ve released a pattern- hope it does well! Unfortunately I need a little more support than the Mallori Lane gives so wont be making this one but will be looking out for future pattern releases 🙂

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      I hope it does well and offers other small chested women an easy, bra option. Hopefully, this is just the first of many and there will be more in the future for larger sizes.

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    Thanks for sharing! I love your version and even had a quick think about wether I could draft it myself before giving up!

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    Now you can make one for yourself without the headache of drafting.

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    Stéphanie Alice

    Thanks for the pattern, Maddie. I’ve been following your bra making adventures with interest for a while now, but always thought that it would be too much effort / too hard to find the materials and a good pattern for a beginner. I love this design though, and I’m now on a hunt for materials in the UK!

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      So great to hear you have been following my bra adventures! I have a little bit of sequin mesh left. How about I send it your way so you can make your own? Email me your address 🙂

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        Stéphanie Alice

        That’s really kind of you, and I will definitely be taking you up on your offer if you’re happy to send to the UK? I’ll email 🙂

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    I just recently thought about jumping on the bra making wagon but didn’t know where to start. I really like this one. It is perfect for small chested newbie like me. Thank you very much!!!

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      Be sure to share what you made on instagram!

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    well on my way to finding some sequins now and throw it under a grunge ripped tee shirt! bra sisters? totally

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      I can bring some sequin mesh when we meet on Friday!

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    Can’t wait to attempt my first bra! I am also a 31 full bust size…so hard to find a “grown up” bra for my size. Thanks for sharing!

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      Please, please, please send me your comments! I want to hear the negatives and the positives.

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    Ah yeah! Thanks so much for the free pattern, this is definitely one for me and I’ll let you know if/when I make it! Absolutely fantastic and good luck with the custom mades! Xxxxx

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      Yes, please email me and let me knkw what you think!

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    This just gave me the push to get the supplies to try making my first bra. Got the stuff from Etsy and will now print this pattern. it’s beautiful, thank you!

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    amy brice

    This is a treat. Thank you so much!

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    This bra is really adorable. I have been too scared to consider making lingerie, but this bra doesn’t seem too crazy complicated…my high bust is only 29, but maybe I can just snug the pattern in at the sides?

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      I have full faith in you! Give it a whirl – it only takes a little bit of fabric. I would try the smallest size and take on at the sides as long as the curved portion of the pattern is over the apex. If it isn’t, you’ll have to grade down to your size.

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    I’m very excited to try this! I’ve been following your bra making posts since I too am small chested and wanting to sew my own lingerie. Thanks for the free pattern; I just ordered the findings kit and mesh from Arte Crafts. I like that you’ve made this so darn easy!

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    It looks lovely! I’d really like to try and sew some undergarments and this looks simple enough. I for one would love to see more patterns like this, since I too have a pretty small bust. Also I really like the sequined fabric you used for this piece. I love the combination simple cut + expensive fabric.

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    Thank you for making a bralette pattern for us flatties, and thank you for making it not look childish like a training bra! I can’t wait to make it.

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    I’m having trouble downloading the file. I get an error that says no preview available. If I try to save it only saves the html viewer or the image box. Is there any way to solve this? The bra looks lovely!

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    Alisha Cunha

    Any tips on sizing up on this? My full bust is 46″. I love this style.

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    Thanks for everything, here is my version 🙂


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