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Weekend: Me Made May Week 2

me made may

Two weeks down, two weeks to go. We’re halfway through Me Made May!

I gingerly signed up for this challenge, committing to wear 2 me-made garments a week. Totally attainable, unlike my daily to-do list. Well, I’m hear today to report with much gusto that I’m surpassing my initial goal by 2-3 garments, which means I’m wearing a self-stitched item  4-5 times a week. Let’s not get technical… who am I kidding, let’s get technical. Five-seven to seventy one percent of my weekly wardrobe is handmade! Thumbs up and mad props go to Maddie!

The number of garments I’ve made is no where near Lauren or Marce’s, but I’m surprised how many ways I’ve been able to pair the pieces. Yeh, I’ve worn a couple items more than once in one week (my gabriola and my Cora Gwendolyn shorts!), but so what? Also, I’m proud that each article is holding up multiple wearings and washings so well! That means I’m doing a good job with construction. No broken zippers or ripped crotch seams (I just learned the correct term for this – crotch blowout). Phew! That would be a disaster of titanic proportions.

I still haven’t grasped the daily Instagram selfie. Baby steps, people. If only I could channel Sonja and be a hilarious mix of spastic, sprightly and quirky. If there’s one thing she needs more than her sewing machine, it’s coffee!

How are you doing with Me Made May?


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    Go Maddie! You’ve got this! It would be fun to hear, at the end of the month, what your favorite outfit combinations were. And you’ve got me pegged– my morning joe is the only thing I need more than my sewing machine! 😉

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      Maddie Flanigan

      That would make a good post! That coffee gives you good ideas.

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    Way to go, Maddie!! There’s nothing more satisfying than realizing that you wear more handmade than you do RTW!

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    Tempest Devyne

    I’m going to repeatedly thinking of ‘crotch blowout’ all day now and quietly giggling to myself…thanks for that 🙂

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Great (and intelligent) terminology, right?

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    Natasha Estrada

    I’ve managed to unconsciously wear at least one piece. Usually just a t shirt or leggings or a pair of my shoes.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Why aren’t you on instagram so I can see these shoes?

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        Natasha Estrada

        I don’t do the IG

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    Isn’t that such a great feeling? I’m with you, it took me a long time to get there, but a few weeks ago I realized that I actually wear at least one me-made a day (not including lingerie which is almost every day now).

    p.s. those pumps are awesome on you.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Don’t you love the shoes? I’ve been wearing them nonstop, and was even spotted carrying a few boxes out of my apartment (I’m moving) while wearing them. Problem?

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    That’s cool. I love when we surpass our pledges. I’ve been wearing repeats too but I’m not worried about it. Isn’t that the point, to make clothes we’ll actually wear?

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    Amanda Russell

    I had to laugh at ‘crotch blowout’ but let’s face it – there’s always a little fear of wardrobe malfunction when one first wears a handmade garment. Always a relief (and feeling of pride!) when something we make not only looks pretty but functions well also 🙂

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