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Meet Janel Hill: Owner of Janet Hill Studio

My art style is an odd one – a mix of Impressionism and 1950s Realism. Edgar Degas meets with Edward Hopper. I say it’s an odd combination because in Impressionist work, free brushstrokes took precedence over meticulous ones while in Realist work a la 1950s, the opposite was true. Despite their differences in how paintings were made, both artistic movement depicted fleeting moments that had small doses of nostalgia, elegance, and wag.

So when I happened upon Janet Hill’s online shop, a studio filled with just this type of artwork, I made the little hearts next to images of her pieces shine bright red. Always one to strike up a conversation, I sent her a message asking if she would be willing to answer a few questions for me. Agreeing, she gave me her clever answers to my clever questions below. We have never “met” but she really seems like a gem of an individual. I encourage you to check out her work and make those little red hearts shine as well.

Maddie: Can you give a brief description of your work?
Janet: My work is best described as oil paintings that are typically narrative and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Maddie: What or when inspires you?
Janet: Movies (lots and lots), books, magazines, blogs, walks with my dog.

Maddie: If your work was a person or a place, who or what would it be?
Janet: A crazy little old lady’s closet. The kind of closet that has endless pairs of shoes, fox stoles, figurines, birdcages. Not sure what kind of visual that brings to mind….

Maddie: What is on your Christmas list?
Janet: A bottle of Cognac and a Diptyque ‘Feu de Bois’ candle. My favorite scent in the world.

Maddie: Pretend you have an amazing event to attend – let’s say a wedding. You have to look amazing but only have a few options for your outfit – a statement necklace, statement shoes, or a statement purse. Which ONE would you choose and why?
Janet: Although I do enjoy accessorizing, I’m more into a statement dress rather than shoes or a necklace or a purse. In fact, I rarely wear jewelry and when I do, it’s usually to dress up something really casual.


Call me a planner and then continue to laugh because I’ve already planned my future collection of Janet Hill pieces. Seriously. 


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    Olivia Kim

    those paintings are gorgeous…. i want them….all of them!!


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      I want them and I’m going to get them, even if that means starving for a week!

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    Courteney Rodda

    Absolutely beautiful paintings! I love learning about new artists. Thanks for sharing her work!

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    Thank you for sharing Janet’s work with us, Maddie! I like that she clearly just paints what she wants to paints – so there is a great sense of fun in this work.

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    Her paintings are just beautiful! I love her technique, and how she describes her work. She seems like she’s a great character and artist!

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    Meg the Grand

    I think I might steal your plan because it is just perfect. I’ve got a thing for redheads in paints – it makes my heart happy 🙂 her work is stunning – thanks for sharing it with us!

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    I love Janet’s paintings… they’re so fun and unique!

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    Thanks for sharing this lovely artists beautiful work! I could use some pieces myself!

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    My gosh!!! These are SO beautiful!

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    Marisa Noelle

    Her work is total eye-candy! As she describes her art style as a mix of impressionism and 1950s realism – I really do not think there is any other art out there that could be more up my alley. Smitten.

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    wow, her work is AMAZING. they’re so clear, i honestly thought the paintings were photographs. plus there is such a whimsical element that i love!!

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    Paula Knott

    Do you have any plans to create sets of notecards? Personally, I’d buy in bulk! Additionally, they would be wonderful hostesses gifts. Even postcard sets

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