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Merry Christmas: The Reason For The Season


By now, your beloved Christmas cards have been sent. Hopefully. Whether routed via email or snail mail, those yearly cards bring everyone up to speed on both soft and hard news – summer vacations, switches in significant others, career changes, etc. But just like social media, I question if reminders like these do any good. Do I really need to know how super your life was so that I can compare it to mine? If I wanted to delight others this time of year, I’d send a letter on how my brother James spent the whole 12 months figuring out the best way to jump from the roof to the trampoline and then into pool, how my brother Gerrit was inspired by Ralphie and broke the world record for shooting the most crabs with his BB gun and how I finally found the.right.outfit, which will change tomorrow. Oh wait, my family did send a card out just like this, circa 1999. Props to my kin for their humor.

My point? Tis not the season to only say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I can remember your street/email address. Tis also the season for thank you. So while I wish you the best yuletide tidings, I would also like to say thank you for the people who lit up my life this year – Marce for hosting Oonapallooza, Sarai for launching Wardrobe Architect, Amy for releasing the Watson Bra, Norma for releasing the Malborough Bra, Heather for kicking ass, Sallie for showing her ass, Lauren for conquering her first bra, Carolina for being my traveling fabric sister, the Sewing Party for featuring me, Julie for pushing my skills, Anne for being my sewing muse, Natasha for always telling me straight, Sunni for her Fabric Fridays, Melissa for her well thought out patterns, Leisa for documenting her trip to Paris, Renee being an outcast just like me (only she knows what I’m talking about), Tasia for releasing the best maxi skirt, Kelly for releasing the best slouchy pants pattern, Sarah for rocking it as the Mother of the BrideKaty and Laney for supporting me, Beth for sending me the vintage trim featured above and every one seamstress out there who spiffed up my year. Thank you and thank you.



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    Just reading your blog whilst drinking a cup of tea before throwing myself into the day and realised it was my first present – a lovely introduction to a number of blogs and patterns I have not yet discovered. So … Thank you for that! Merry Christmas – hope you are having a FAB day.

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      I hope you had a Merry Christmas as well. Thank you for starting out your day on this blog.

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    Thank you for your post on this wonderful day!

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      Thank you for being a loyal reader!

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    Kate McIvor

    Thank you for this wonderful blog, Maddie!

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      Thank you for your wonderful blog as well!

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    Heather Lou

    I’m so behind in my blog reading i only JUST saw this! Thanks Maddie! And thank YOU for all the support and cheer leading over the year! xoxooxox

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      The holidays got the best of my blog reading too. Keep up the good work, chica!

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