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Minimalism and Lingerie


When it comes to clothing, the hallmarks of minimalism are streamlined silhouettes and a neutral color palette. If you’re a minimalist, chances are the golden age of fashion for you were the 90s, boho is a sin and Angelina Jolie is your fashion icon. You could say that I’m a “colorful” minimalist. For the most part, I wear simple silhouettes and outfits. Layering a la Coachella definitely ain’t my thing. I wear a lot of neutrals – blacks, beiges, whites and denim (I consider denim a neutral) – but add pops of color and patterns in bold ways.

I used to be much more experimental with my clothing, mixing and matching every hue under the sun. That changed when Colette launched their Wardrobe Architect. I was at a point in my life where I wanted to simplify, simplify, simplify. I didn’t follow along exactly, but I did start to edit and refine my style. When I posted about how I redesigned my sewing nook, I gave a glimpse of my new teeny tiny closet – just one rack of hanging clothing and 3 drawers stored all my clothes, including my intimates. It’s still that way today. Thanks Sarai.

When I first started sewing lingerie, I made frilly, girly and ultra feminine pieces. Just take a look back at my Watson, Marlborough and this halter bra. My lingerie wardrobe has gone down the same path as my clothing –  simplified. Since that first pair of me-made panties, I’ve edited down to the shapes and fabrics that I like best and work for me and my lifestyle. Most of the time, it includes a halter or bandeau bralette in black, white or beige with pops of color via trimmings such as elastics.

Minimalism provided a great learning experience. It taught me to pay attention to what I make, why I make it and how it will fit into my daily life. I didn’t want to just buy or make for the hell of it. Waste of time and money. Also, it wasn’t about dwindling down my wardrobe to nothing. I’m soooo much a girly girl and I like pretty clothes and lingerie. More so, it was about appreciating what I have and making a thoughtful decision. 
Just shy of a month in my new position as a part time personal stylist for Anthropologie, I have noticed my style changing back in the other direction. I am less minimalist and more feminine. Just take a look at this and this outfit that I wore last week. Whoa there, Maddie. I’m wondering if my style of lingerie will follow. Maybe I’ll find a way to combine the two? A tutu inspired garter bet? Haha. Who knows where my style will go. I’m just going to roll with it. 
Here is something ironic. As I’ve introduced myself and explained my business to the Anthro ladies, most are fascinated. Aside from the one or two “special” pieces, their intimate drawer is full of nude, white and black basics. So, they get dressed to the nines every day, but underneath it all, it’s back to basics.
Just some ramblings. Would love to hear your thoughts on any of it.


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    So here’s my thought on the matter as an older woman. Our personal style never stays the same and evolves with us as we enter new stages and challenges in our lives. Our clothes are an extension of what we want to say about ourselves and personally that changes day to day, for me. I think looking back about every decade or so ( or as life threw something big at me like motherhood!) I shifted to a new priority and feelings about my clothing and my wardrobe changed accordingly. So enjoy what makes you feel pretty and happy in your clothing, whatever path that takes you down.

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    Natasha Estrada

    I’m so not a minimalist. Lazy possibly, which may look simple but minimalist never.

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      Lazy definitely means minimalism. Lol.

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    In this day and age of excess and a voracious appetite for “more” and “better”, minimalism is actually a breath of fresh air amongst the clutter and excesses- even in Lingerie!

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