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Moodboard: Oaklyn

MoodboardRemember when digital moodboards were a thing? Like weekly recap posts? Maybe they still are and I’m just not up to date with what the cool kids in blogging world are doing. Or still doing. Ladies who have continued to post – A Cup of Jo, Heather and Sarai. Thanks ladies! I still thoroughly enjoy.

Anyways, I had fun putting together a moodboard for a bodysuit I just finished. Like literally sewed on the neckband and went to my computer. I turned my sewing machine off in between – FYI. I know, I know… moodboards come at the beginning of a project. So sue me. I had the urge to do something creative – digitally – and I did. Booyah!

It’s a simple bodysuit, but I’ve worked hard on it. I’m happy with the way it’s turned out, but it’s still not perfect. I’m my harshest critic, right? Will it ever be perfect? Like I tell my students at workshops, perfection is ovah-rated!

I’m into the whole 1970s, turtleneck look right now. I remember making fun of my mom for wearing sleeveless turtlenecks – what’s the point? – and here I am, finishing my 3rd. My mom is probably rolling in her grave. Sorry ma!

All white, this bodysuit mixes shiny milliskin/Lycra and lace. It’s meant to be an everyday, fun piece. Not fun like flip-my-skirt-up-and-flash everybody (see image in moodboard). More like FRI-YAY fun. I envision wearing it with overalls. Been loving overalls a lot lately. I’m obsessed with my pair from Madewell, which I have worn with Ashton weekly since finishing. I even bought an overall dress just for this project. Super cute, eh? To jazz this bodysuit up, I added a lace panel – bib? – at the front just like my very little black dress. Ow ow! 

I think I’ll name this one Oaklyn, and I believe I’ll share her with you in the next few days. Don’t hold your breath though, life sometimes gets in the way.

To be continued…


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    Natasha Estrada

    “I turned my sewing machine off in between ā€“ FYI.” I leave my sewing machine on allllll day. I just unplug the foot pedal because the cats like to sleep on them. FYI ;D

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    The Sewing CPA

    That’s a beautiful mood board. I’ve been meaning to make one for ages but just can’t get myself to do it. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Alice Nicholson

    Fabulous moodboard! Can’t wait to see the suit that inspired it.
    What platform/program did you use to create the board?

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