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Hurray Kimmay and Her More Than My Numbers Campaign

hurray kimmay

So I have to tell you about Hurray Kimmay and her campaign ‘More Than My Numbers‘. HAVE TO. I met Kim, creator and producer, last week at The Lingerie Selection. She attended the press breakfast on the second day, and the moment she walked in, I could sense something awesome had entered. Maybe it was that red hat. She pulled it off très chic, jealous in a good way, way. Wardrobe goals y’all.

First, let me tell you a little more about her…

She began as a bra fitter in a small shop in SoHo, and as you can imagine, she saw real women, not the false perfection shown in the magazines, with real bodies. Cellulite, dimples, stretch marks, east west breasts, etc. She was a youngin’ when she started the gig, and at the time, hated her body. Slowly, she began to realize that her body was just like everyone else’s and nobody had a perfect body. “Oh! You have cellulite just like me?“. What surprised her the most was that almost every woman who walked into the bra fitting room – mother of three, young, old, breast cancer patient, even a supermodel – had something negative to say about themselves. It was then, in 2005, that she decided to change the conversation she was having with her own body and help other women do the same.

Literally, Kim has fit thousands of ladies since she started. She’s helped women in that family owned SoHo shop as well as fancy stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman when she worked for La Perla. Whether she spends $150 or $15 on a bra, all women face similar challenges when it comes to the mirror.

Okay, so about her campaign…

More Than My Numbers’ mission is to encourage people to know their numbers but not be defined by them. As someone who has modeled lingerie – ahem, check out this page with all my me-made undies – I confess that I feel pressure to stay in shape, look pretty, yada, yada, yada. Let’s put it this way, it gets my ass to the gym every morning. There shouldn’t be a stigma associated with numbers like weight, salary, age, number of lovers, test results, followers, bra size, etc. Kim is trying to foster a community of women who encourage each other to let go of judgement and support one another. Can I get a hellz yeh for that!

I’ve included some of her videos below. Check her out. No really, check her out!

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