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Mother’s Day Part 1: What My Mom Wore



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    I’m so glad that you can get to know your mum better through her clothes.

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    Maddie I cried reading that. It was absolutely beautiful. I’m sad that you didn’t get your mum for longer, but glad you can get to know her better.

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    Kirsty Bunfield (kbfield)

    This is just beautiful Maddie xx

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    Maddie, I loved reading this story. It is interesting the things you can learn about someone even after they pass away, isn’t it?? I’m so sorry you were never able to know your mom a bit better, but her style legacy is definitely a connection you will continue to have as the years go on. And, turning into your mother isn’t always a bad thing, especially if she had impeccable style. 🙂

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    I love this… what an amazing story.

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    Brittany Rouille

    Stunning. I go to Saint Martin’s for Easter and Christmas when I happen to be home for it, now it will have even more meaning. What a beautiful person she was and you are.

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    Lady ID

    Awww lovely…thanks for sharing your story.

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    Maddie, what a beautiful retelling of your Mom and Dad’s meeting and eventual wedding. I remember it all so well! She looked just gorgeous, as always, and Paul was absolutely smitten with her! You remind me of her in countless ways – not the least of which is your individual style and fashion sense. She would have been YOUR best friend now and your biggest cheerleader!!! XOXO

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    Thanks for sharing this story! X

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    Beautiful post. Thanks so much for sharing. xx

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