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My Bra Making: Your Feedback


What did I learn from your comments on Nina and Nellie Warner (thank you for posting!)? That images can be deceiving! Okay, that’s not a new concept, but one I now taken extra personally. Someone wrote that what’s most important is how I feel wearing the bra. Very true. But the thing is – how I saw myself changed the way I felt. Before seeing images of both bras on body, I loved them. After, not so much. With your and my comments, I’ve changed the front neckline and a few other details. It will be a fun and interesting experiment to compare the two! Along with this experiment, I’ve also been drafting some other bra patterns (see above). So darn excited!

In other sewing news:

Can you believe Me Made May 2015 starts today?! I would participate, but most of my me-mades now are lingerie pieces. I’ll spare you and myself daily Instagram uploads in a bra and undie/knicker!

Cherry blossoms are synonymous with spring. Why not make a dress to go with just as Inna did?

I’ve loved seeing the various versions of Southport dresses around the blogosphere lately. Why not join Kelly for her sewing along?

Rochelle finished her Spring for Cotton project! 

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