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My Experience Teaching Sewing


I never thought I’d be a good teacher. As someone who doesn’t do well with children, I believed teaching would not be my forte. But like anything in life, the more you do something, the better you get and the more you like it. One begets the other.

In addition to my bra making duties, I’ve been teaching more. Ironically, I’ve come to like it. It’s a special feeling to give someone not only the skills, but the confidence to make a garment. Sewing is powerful. Additionally, it’s a very special moment when a student’s face lights up with excitement when they finish.

I don’t talk about my teaching a lot, but today, I’m letting three of my students talk about their experience. Part self-promotion? Yes, but also motivation for me to keep going. Reading what they wrote inspires me to continue.


A few years back, I stumbled across Maddie’s blog while trying to learn to sew and make patterns. Since then, I have been an avid reader. I reached out to her several times when I needed help, and she replied promptly every time.

This year, I became interested in bra making. I was frustrated with RTW bras and started looking around for tutorials, patterns and blogs. One day, I noticed that she was offering bra making workshops and lessons. Obviously, I jumped in. Since I live in Texas, we held our lessons over Skype so that I did not have to travel. Via live lessons and email, Maddie helped me choose a pattern and fabric kits and walked me through the basics of bra making. After our first session, I made my first bra Norma’s Malborough. What was great was that whenever I got stuck or I had questions (some of them were a bit stupid!), I texted/emailed her and she responded quickly and explained everything in detail. I am still in the process of perfecting the fit and the construction, but I know that I have a friend/mentor who is there to help if I need it. For a novice like me, this kind of support system means everything. Thank you Maddie!



A little bit ago, I had the urge to start sewing again. I used to sew in high school and then through college, but once I was done schooling, I pretty much stopped. It had always been on mind my to start up again and then I discovered Maddie! She worked with me so I was able to afford a class or two to refresh my mind in a basic 101 class. I wanted to make a specific top, so she helped me find a pattern that was close to the shape as well as choose a fabric. The pattern was not exactly what I wanted, but that was not a problem for Maddie. Not only did she give me a great refresher lesson, but she was able to teach me the correct way to adjust and make sure the fit and pattern fit my body. We started the process with making the top in muslin and adjusting the pattern according to what I had in mind. Once that was done, we got to work on the actual top, which by the way it is amazing! It has been a wonderful experience and such a great refresher. Maddie is patience and encouraging and the process made me feel super comfortable and confident that I could go home and start sewing again on a regular basis. I can’t thank her enough for the knowledge and time she took out of her schedule to work with me!


I offered to provide Maddie with a testimonial after taking her patternmaking class because I picked up concepts that I honestly don’t think I could have learned anywhere else. The idea of creating a sloper was familiar in theory, but before my meeting with Maddie, I had no idea how to sit down and create the sloper or how to manipulate the sloper to create my own patterns (or apply the sloper to commercial patterns).  I also quickly discovered why so often my execution of commercial patterns was so difficult. Maddie patiently walked me through the process and helped me create my own sloper first through the math and then through various adjustments until we had the perfect result!

Want to schedule an in person or online session? Click here to email me. Please note that I take students on a first come, first serve basis.


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    This is so sweet, and I’m so glad you’ve come round to the idea of teaching. This post definitely makes me wish I lived in the Philly area!

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      We coukd schedule an online session!

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    Beautifully simple and super chic look.

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