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Bras: Some of My Favorites

To complement yesterday’s post on the construction of bras (scroll down one post to see), here are a few of my favorite bra’s and P’s set’s (I refuse to use the word panty after this. I hate saying it and I especially hate writing it).

Clockwise from Top Left: 1. Anthropologie Lantana Floret Bra and Brief 2. Elle Macpherson Burlesque Facade Lace Contour Bra 3. Aubade Underwired Half Bra and Brief 4. Elle Macpherson Maria Stretch Silk-Satin Contour Bra and Brief


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    ! Love love LOVE the last set! So pretty and simple. FWIW, I very much dislike the “P” word as well. Gives me the heebie jeebies to say it.

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    Ooh these are so pretty! I especially love the first two!

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      Me too. The first one a spring purchase of mine.

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    I’m glad I opened this post at home and not at work 😉 Love the bottom two, very beautiful!

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    Oh, these are oh so pretty! thanks for sharing… I had found that I always admired pretty underthings from afar, never really finding any that fit properly. Finally, after years of complaining I broke down and went for a professional fitting, today as a matter of fact… It was life changing! hurray for pretty bras and P’s!

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      I’d love to know how the fitting went. Please share!

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    Love, Carrie

    I just adore lingerie…..since I’m a size 30 underbust it’s really difficult to find flattering pieces…..a girl can dream though ; )

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      Have you tried bandeaus? They’re sort of a hybrid between a bra and sports bra. Free People and Urban Outfitters have some great ones.

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      Target has pull-on bras that aren’t sports bras. Some have modestly padding and some don’t. They come in S/M/L and are designed to be worn strapless or with one or two straps and the bottom band feels secure. Don’t know if the small would still be too loose for you, but the band felt tighter than a regular bra.

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    Tamara @ Go Fish Style

    so pretty!

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    I love these demi and lacy bras too, but as a D cup I don’t know if it’s even possible to find ones that would fit me LOL – we have some great lingerie stores here but the prices are whooooweeee high!! It’d be great to know how to fit and make them for that reason alone 🙂

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    You should check out timpa. They have really cute things and they’re made for sizes A-C only (I think). Amanda you should check figleaves they have sizes upto GG (more in some brands less in others).

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      Thanks for the tips. I’ll definitely check it out!

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