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My Favorite Instagram Accounts for Lingerie


Instagram is my jam.

A statistic from last year reported that there were over 300 million people using the platform. That’s a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Among those millions are lingerie brands. Pinterest used to be my the place where I got and gathered inspiration. Now, it’s IG. Images of bras and undies fill my feed, and are inspiration for what I will make next. If you’re on the Instagram wagon like I am, are into lingerie, and are looking for new accounts to follow, I give you your daily #lingerie fix below. Check them out, follow your favorites, and don’t blame me when your boss, your mom or your significant other calls you out on looking at women in their skivvies. I had nothing to do with it. Wink, wink…

And I’m always on the prowl for more, so tell me your favs in the comments below!






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    I check Ohhhh Lulu every day too! I love seeing what she’s working on.

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    girlwithaseriousdream and toruandnaoko are my faves.

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    Check out @jolies_momes account ! Little french lingerie brand that’s totally amazing !

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