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My Favorite Lingerie Supply Shops on Etsy


Etsy has become almost as addicting as Pinterest and Netflix. Five minutes turns into a endless scroll of 21 TV Shows For Binge Watching (that’s obvi… Friends) and 7 Ways to Dress Like A CEO (duh… wear me-made). It gets worse on Netflix. Anyone else re-watching Friends? How the hell do you choose which season (ahem… which Rachel hairstyle) to relive? Long bob? Stick straight, long locks? Priorities, people.

Most of my browsing on Etsy relates to lingerie, and as I was going through my old favorites, I thought it would be a good exercise to compile them into a list. My list doesn’t even compare to Cloth Habit’s, but I think it’s a good start (I plan to continue to beef it up) and I think there are some unique gems below. Most are located in the U.S., and again, check out Amy’s round up if you live in another country.

Did I miss one of your favorites? Tell me in the comments below and I’ll add it!


Lomita, California
Okay, so I’m a little biased since the owner Natasha is a very good friend. Regardless, her products – elastics, hooks and eyes, rings and sliders and so much more – are top notch. I cannot get enough of her rose gold r+s. Because it’s the little things in life that matter.
Elsewhere: Website // Facebook // Instagram


New York, New York
Okay, so I’m going to be a little biased one more time because the owner, Ying, is another friend. Regardless again, her products are excellent quality. I used her metallic stretch galloon lace for the Sierra sew along and I’ve seen it pop up all around the blogosphere.
Elsewhere: Instagram


Location unknown, but ships worldwide
A really wide selection of laces, including cotton, scalloped, stretch, sequins, vintage, wedding and crochet laces. This is where I buy the fabric for my bra making workshops – a peach/light blue stretch lace.


The Netherlands
Offers amazing bra making kits with really unique color and pattern combinations. The owner, Magreet, is seriously talented and her sewing patterns are well drafted. I can attest – I made her BHS10.


Redlands, California
Jennifer Fairbanks, the owner, is a designer, teacher and writer that has a bad habit of buying lots of sewing supplies and sells so she can keep up her bad habit. I love that! In addition to selling mostly lingerie trims and a little bit of vintage clothing and fabric, Porcelynne is also a fashion design studio offering classes as well as production and development consultant. I seriously think Jennifer is superwoman because she is also the author of the Bare Essentials series of books.
Elsewhere: Website // Twitter


Laces of all varieties – stretch, vintage, victorian, country, venice, cotton and more. Also sells appliques.

FABRIC BISTRO (Also called Fabric Depo & Co)

San Francisco, California
Lace fabrics, elastic, trimming and ribbons.


Los Angeles, California
Lots of lace in fun prints, colors and sizes, from 1/8” to 11”. Also sells fabric, elastics and other trimmings.


Pasadena, California
An amazing and wide collection of beautiful lace appliques, and trimmings.


A huge collection of lace fabric, both stretch and non stretch. I personally love their geometric laces, like this one or this one.


Anaheim, California
Great selection of lace fabrics, trims, notions and patterns. Be sure to check out their clearance and wholesale section too!


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