photo My First Ever...

I came across the first garment I ever sewed while I was home in Florida. It was no apron and it was definitely no pencil skirt. The first thing I sewed was a fully lined and strapless dress that had a bubble hem, boning, and a bow and was made with peach taffeta (talk about overachiever). When I found it burried in a box, I held it up and laughed. This thing was and still is hideous! So tacky, so eighties, so Betsey Johnson, so never to be worn again. Did I think I was going to prom?

When I look back on things I have made, most of the time, I have mixed feelings towards each piece. Some were successes and some were failures but all have stories and memories attached to them that I remember and reminisce on months and years later. For this particular dress, I remember my dad being so excited about it and promising to take me to dinner when I finished. When that day came – when I finished the dress – my dad and I did indeed celebrate with dinner but I didn’t have the guts to wear the dress.

Do you have the first garment you sewed? If so, what is it? Does it have an interesting story attached to it. Whatever it is, I would love to hear about it.