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My Life With Two Cats: One Year Later

one-year-5They say your life changes when you have children. Do cats count? I had one life before I adopted Sage and Basil, and I have a completely different life now. I AM a cat mom and proud of it. 

February marked one year since I adopted these two rascals, whoops… I meant brothers. It’s been an exciting year, and they stuck through all my trials and tribulations. It’s not easy being a #legitbramaker.

They’re personalities have completely switched. When I reached out to City Kitties, I only wanted one, and it was Sage who caught my eye. They described him as the docile one, and Basil as the active one. I visited them at their foster home, and could see that they were close. Compadres minus the sombreros. “Would you be interested in taking both of them?” Ha! So I can have zero chance of finding my future ex-husband? After talking to friends, having two cats made more sense. I’m at work all day – they’d have someone to play with, a partner in crime.

Today Sage is the active one and Basil is the docile one. Sage is all up in my business, all the freaking time. He darts in front of me as I’m walking. I swear I trip a minimum of 10 times a day. He opens and climbs into cabinets, and he shreds toilet paper into pieces. I think he thinks it’s home décor? Meanwhile, Basil chills in the background. Straight chills. To top everything off – are you ready for this? – both put small objects in the toilet, flush it and then try to fish it out. I know what you’re thinking. I should potty train them. Don’t even go there.

But when I walk in the door, and Sage plops down in front of me, rolls onto his back to expose his stomach and starts meowing for me to rub his belly… melts my heart.


one-year-6#4 Basilone-year-2#7 Basilone-year-4 one-yearone-year-3cat-1one-year-7


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    Sage and Basil are just too cute! What great pussonalities! I have three cats, and there is no question about who is the boss (or bosses), around here. I regularly have to leave my sewing machine to respond to a demand for attention, food, or to open a door. Ginger has become an expert bra fitter, in fact she removed a pin from a bra I was fitting – it was still on my client! My two boy cats just like to watch. They are a big hit with the ladies. It is true that they change your life, but it is all good, and it sounds like you are purrfectly happy with that!

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      Purrfectly happy is right! No matter how much trouble they get into (tonight I found Sage carrying my bra in his mouth), they are my homeboys.

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    Do they have a fur bed? You know, there’s a saying….how does it go? “They fell in poop, but came out smelling like a rose.” Yep, that’s it. They are so handsome and totally male. Happy anniversary.

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    Totally gotta get two cats *at least*! They are adorable, and obviously very, very close. You are very blessed.And don’t worry, the right guy will love the cats too. I have eleven (Yes, I know!) and my guy loves them too – not all their habits, but loves them nonetheless!

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    What a couple of beauts. Your photos are captivating. The last one is soooo sweet and touching. I wish my two cats would be like that – so sad, I’ve always had cats but none of them have ever been close to anyone except me:(

    There’s nothing better to get home to, amiright?

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      You are so right!

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    Awww congrats on your one year kitty-versary. Two is always better than one be it birds, bunnies or kitties. 😀

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    Lodi Srygley

    Got to love um! And yes, ZILREDLOH, i wanted twins. Human twins. No such luck. But my son and daughter-in-law got twin cats, and they are best buds- with each other and my own kitty. (What do you call an old cat?) There’s just so much to love in the feline world!

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    Just a hint here ( found out the hard way, too) keep the bathroom door closed at all times, and bungee cords will secure cabinets. I have one who is nosy beyond belief and I really don’t want him messing around in some of the stuff in the kitchen. My cabinets aren’t self latching and he will explore constantly. I don’t care about pots and pans, but kitchen cleaning supplies are not cat-friendly! So I wrap cords through some of the handles where I don’t want him. If you don’t have handles on your cabinets, try some of the latches made to keep babies out of things. Babies and cats are similar, frankly.

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    O my, they are cute.

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    Beth - Sew DIY

    They’re so cute! I just adopted a kitten and it really is life changing to go from living alone to having another, very active creature with you all the time. He’s super sweet and fun but I am looking forward to the day when he calms down a bit. 🙂

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      I’m still waiting for that day!

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    what a cute two buddies 🙂 photoes is beautiful

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    Linda Craig

    Thank you for this lovely story. Cats do enhance our lives & your babies are beautiful.

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