20120106 102611 New Project

I’m on to my next project. Two of my friends are getting married, one in April and one in June, and this means only one thing, I must look better than the bride (they have found their husbands, I have not). I’ve been scouring the internet and magazines looking for the “one,” which in this case, is a dress, not a man, and I found it. This BHLDN dress is stunning… amazing really, isn’t it? When I saw it, I knew I had to make it. And it’s that kind of reaction I need to know that I will make this dress with every ounce of what I’m made of. It has to be perfect. Has to..

Oh, and I will have respect for the brides and make my dress red and not white (how fabulous, right?). Although I must look smashing, it’s still their day.