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Weekend: What’s Your Theme for 2014?



about yearly reviews. I know we’re a couple week’s into the new year, but I’m still having fun reading all the recaps from 2013 – what people made, what people hated making, what people want to make more of,  etc. Heather had one hell of a year with the release of her bombshell pattern and the making of The Sallie Silk Dress (I still can’t get over that fabric)! Tilly had an amazing 2013 as well. She appeared on The Great British Sewing Bee, released a couple of patterns, started teaching sewing, wrote a book, and more. My favorite recap was Sarai’s from Colette Patterns and Jen’s from Grainline Studios. Instead of writing a list of new year’s resolutions, they adopted a phrase or a word that they will keep in mind in 2014. For Sarai, her word is focus and for Jen, her catchphrase is “work hard & have fun.” I love this! One, because it allows for change. Over the course of a year, what I want to sew doesn’t stay the same, and I can’t predict now what I will want to sew in December. But if I have a word to live by, I can chose projects as my mood changes. Yes, I have have a few things that I absolutely want to accomplish this year, and that’s okay, but having a laundry list of projects will set me up for failure. I know it. There are 5 patterns I want to sew, but once I finish, who knows what I’ll want to make, and I’m not going to plan now.

After thinking about Sarai and Jen’s tone for this year, I made up my own. One is to think big, and the other is to become a better seamstress. I don’t necessary want to sew more or less, but I want to become a better at what I do. I want to get into projects – research the fabric and how to care for it, learn about the history of that particular garment, improve on the techniques involved, etc. Also, I want to worry less about the time involved. It felt so amazing to be able to wear a dress I made 2 years ago this holiday season, and I want to get back into those types of projects. Even if I only crank out those 5 garments, that’s okay. And who’s counting anyways?

What about you – did you set a list of resolutions or did you adopt an overall tone for the year? Whatever the case, I’m wishing you and I have a great year!


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    Appreciate the Day

    I really like the idea of an overall phrase or word for the year. It’s a bit flexible and less pressure than a huge list of things that must be done! My word for the year is organisation. I know that if I get myself organised it will allow me more time for the things I want to do and I will feel more relaxed. I like your idea of researching the garments you make. It will make them more special if you have an idea of their history etc.
    Good luck with your goals
    Kate xx

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    Natasha Estrada

    I don’t do resolutions because if your not going to do it in december your probably not going to do it in January either so why stress yourself out and feel like a failure.

    My advice to myself for the year:

    Keep your head down work hard and don’t look to far into the future because you just might miss the nice shiny thing peeking out in the corner of your eye.

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    Lady ID

    Off the top of my head.
    “Fall more in love with God, Dream Big, Have fun. Work smart. Say no sometimes.” LOL.

    Not very concise. I started with that last year and will continue this year. More fun at work, designing more, sewing more, having a blast with friends and family. Figuring out what the fluff is and culling that so I have more time to dream.

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