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Now Available: Affordable International Shipping!


I’ll be honest, shipping is not my strong suit. International shipping?  Pun intended, it’s a foreign language to me.

It’s my lucky day, because I’m now offering EASY internationally shipping. So all you lingerie lovers in countries other than the US can now buy my lingerie kits and intimates for a low rate. Woot Woot! Below is a lowdown on how it works and what you can expect.

Over the past month, I’ve worked with a web company to translate my store and product listings and promote them on global search engines and sites. My international store runs parallel with my domestic store, syncing products and generating local versions in every country, including currentcy. International customers check out the same way as domestic customers. When an order is placed by an international customer, I ship it to a domestic facility that forwards it to the buyer, handling taxes, tariffs and all that jazz. International customers also have the option to return their purchase within 14 business days.

Haven’t made a purchase because you live in another country? Hop on over to my international store now! If you have any questions, bubble them up in the comments below or shoot us an email.


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    So pleased about this! Means I can more more of your gorgeous kits more often

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