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NYC Recap: Spandex House

spandex-houseI have lots to update you with about my trip to New York. Lots. Pictures and information from Blogshop, my strolling around the city, and what famous person I met up with the last day I was there. But first, let’s talk my new favorite store – Spandex House.

After my last trip to New York, I posted a recap about the fabric stores I visited as well as the ones that were suggested to me. For this trip, I more or less went the same stores and instead of giving you a recap with only minor changes and edits, I am going to give you one major update plus tips.

Write down 263 West 38th Street. Did you? Did you jot it down? Good because this the address toΒ Spandex House. After shopping the store with Oona and Christine, I wanted to go back and spend some more time among the bolts of spandex infused fabrics. I knew treasures were to be found – I just had to find the chest. And find them I did. First of all, do you know there is a second floor? Those New Yorkers try to trick out-of-towners like myself with the a mezzanine in between the first and second floor. But keep climbing the stairs and you’ll get your lucky charms – stretch lace, stretch velvet, stretch satin, and power mesh.

Amy, listen here, 15 and 40 denier tricot in LOTS of colors for $2.50 a yard. That’s 80% less than the price of Bra Makers Supply.Β And good quality stretch lace, not the cheap stuff. Lace that even after a few tugs, was not damaged, which meant it would be strong enough to hold up in machine hand washing. And stretch satin. Oh stretch satin, was I so pleased to find you. A lot of the better laces I come across have little or no stretch and to make a bra with a non-stretch fabric requires that the band have stretch. Powermesh is an option but stretch satin is a much better and prettier choice. Lastly, tucked way in the back was an entire section devoted to power mesh in all colors, all weights, and all qualities. The biggest plus? Every fabric was under $10 a yard. That’s a bra makers dream.


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    I actually just ordered some pvc spandex (faux leather) from there last month (they ship!). I’ll have to check out their tricot selection, because as of last night I have entered into the world of bra-making πŸ™‚

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      Maddie Flanigan

      welcome to the world of bra-making, where elastic and spandex reign…

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    Ughhh I can’t wait to check this place out, Oona is taking me bathing suit (fabric)shopping, ha! Best meet-up ever, I’d think.

    I do wish your NYC trip overlapped with my NYC trip, but hey – there’s always next time, I guess πŸ˜‰

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      Maddie Flanigan

      you will die when you go to Spandex House. DIE. They’ll have all sorts of nylon, lycra, and spandex goodies for you.

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    OH. MY. GOODNESS. You’ve found the motherload! I wish I could visit that magical place! I don’t know what I love more about this place, the incredible selection (specially the stretch lace) or the unbelievable prices! Color me impressed.

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    Truly Myrtle

    You lucky dog! I am green πŸ™‚

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    There is NOTHING like fabric shopping in NYC. Forget the broadway plays….I’m going to the garment district!

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    Yes! I want to go there!! I think if I could actually hand pick my laces and satins and notions etc. I’d be far more enthusiastic about getting my butt in gear and making some bras and underwear!

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    they also have an online store and will send samples of anything! check out spandexhouse.com or stretchhouse.com

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    I walk past this place all the time. I’m kind of horrified by anything with spandex in it EXCEPT for bathinsuits and underwear. Looks like I’ll have to step inside on my next lunch break to see all the stretch satin and power mesh.
    also…. I can’t log in with Twitter, facebook or Google + for some reason. weird.

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    Sounds like you found some great stuff, if I am ever in NY again I will have to check it out. Can’t wait to hear about blogshop!

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    Thank you for the info on SH. I am putting it on my must go to list for my visit to NYC in April. Just got a box from Bramakers today. Most excellent customer service, but a tad pricey with shipping costs to the US. (So it makes sense to fly to NY to save money on shipping costs and fabric, right?!)

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    ugh! jealous! i want to go to there!

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    Seriously envious! I think I will need to go to NY just to fabric shop sometime. Or L.A.–I’ve seriously thought about doing both! I’ve been able to find inexpensive tricot way cheaper than BM but definitely not 2 freaking 50.

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