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I have a sweet treat for you today.

Let me introduce you to Becky Hardin. Everyone… this is Becky Hardin. We’re not really good friends per se. We don’t have inside jokes, we don’t go way back, and we’ve never mobile uploaded a Facebook picture together, which, as all of you know, is an official sign of a good friendship. We have a unique relationship – it’s a type of relationship that once was normal but now is dead – she’s my pen pal. Yep, in the age of  Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, I, Maddie Flanigan, have a pen pal. 

Becky and I attended the same high school. It was a very large high school, 600 plus was the size of our graduating class, and although we shared some classes and some friends, you could only consider us amicable acquaintances. Nothing more, nothing less, and no hard feelings in between. After high school, we went to different colleges and our lives couldn’t to be growing further apart until we bumped into each other over the holidays. Our brief encounter and chat lasted probably a few minutes, maximum, but seeing her would later inspire some of my blog posts.

Becky was always an artsy one and her fluidity in the arts bled into her sense of style. She always looked on point. She always made any trend work. So when I wrote this post on pastel hair, Becky came to my mind. She has been dying strips of her hair bright colors since high school. Again, she was way ahead of the trend. I emailed her to ask permission to reference her in the post and she said of course.

From that email, we never stopped emailing. Every week or so, she or I would write an email updating each other on various “this and that’s”  of life. When she told me she would be traveling through Europe this summer, she again inspired another blog post. “Would you be interested in doing a guest series on European women and style?” I asked? “Those women across the ocean seem to have it (style) figured out and I would love to hear your feedback as to what makes them tick” Again, she agreed. So for the next six weeks or so, she will be sharing her thoughts on European style and women and taking lots and lots of pretty fucking fabulous pictures. So take it away Becky…

Viva Barcelona!

Hi Madalynne Readers,

I’m so excited to be guest blogging during my travels across Europe this summer. Maddie and I have known each other all the way from high school and I was so flattered when she asked me to document my trip here. I hope you all enjoy reading about my travels.

I am writing to you from Barcelona, Spain. My first stop of four. When I travel, I have an obsession with trying to blend in. I pride myself in my Spanish ancestry on my mother’s side, so I like to think I somewhat look the part of a local. However, I’m noticing fashion in Barcelona is very different from what I am used to in New Orleans.

I’ve taken some tips from the locals here on how to be beautiful and fashionable in Barcelona:

becky 11 Guest Feature: Oh The Places Becky Goes

little to no makeup Guest Feature: Oh The Places Becky Goes This is a hard one for me. I don’t wear a ton of makeup but I usually don’t leave the house without it on. However, here, I’ve ditched the black eyeliner and opted for mascara and just a little blush and bronzer.

natural hair Guest Feature: Oh The Places Becky Goes
Barcelona is HOT. So having my hair down the first couple of days was not the best plan. A messy top knot seems to be the trend for the fashionable here in the city.

long maxi skirt1 Guest Feature: Oh The Places Becky Goes
Almost every local girl I’ve come across has been in a long maxi skirt and a conservative top. Although Barcelona is a beach city, you don’t see many bathing suits around, unless you are actually on the beach. Most churches you visit require you to have your shoulders covered, and locals stick to classic prints. Nothing too trendy.

love your body1 Guest Feature: Oh The Places Becky Goes
Spanish women here come in all shapes and sizes but all of the women know how to dress for their shape. This, more than anything, sets the Spanish apart from women in the US.

Here is my attempt as localizing my personal style

becky 3a Guest Feature: Oh The Places Becky Goes

With all of the beautiful architecture and art around the city, it’s hard not to be influenced when dressing in the morning. The flowing shapes in Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia and architecture around the city clearly come into play in what women here wear. Classic yet whimsical and flowing.

becky 2 Guest Feature: Oh The Places Becky Goes

My next stop is the ever fabulous Paris, France. I have dreamed of seeing the city of light since I was a little girl and I cannot wait to see how real Parisians dress.


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