barcelona3 Guest Post: Oh The Places Becky Goes
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My travels have taken me to Paris, France, a place that I have been dreaming of ever since I knew what the Eiffel Tower was. Just as fate would have it, the first thing we did when we arrived in Paris was to go see the most visited monument in the world. Boy, was it even more impressive in person than I could have ever imagined. Everything in Paris is much more impressive than expected, actually. The buildings are more grand, the paintings are more breathtaking, and the fashion is even more divine than you can wrap your head around.

So I got to thinking, what makes Parisian women the crème de la crème of style and grace? What do they have that we as American women don’t? After people watching at Larduree’s while eating macaroons and browsing the posh boutiques of Champes de Elysee, it came to me. And it was actually much more obvious than I realized, because I was doing exactly the same thing.

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Parisian women invest in one staple, expensive, and good quality piece. Whether it is a handbag, pair of shoes, or even a simple black dress; there is one piece in a French woman’s wardrobe that can be worn with anything and always looks chic. Without even realizing, I was wearing my good Cole Haan leather jacket (a gift from my mom) with every single outfit I put together while in Paris. It was my Parisian staple and I liked to think I looked chic as hell.

becky 3 Guest Post: Oh The Places Becky Goes

I’ve tried to take a bit of each place with me while I’ve been traveling. In Barcelona, I learned to be more natural and to play up my Spanish roots. Now, in Paris, I’ve learned to invest in something fantastic that will work in all situations. I’m off to Amsterdam next and am very curious to see what fashion secrets I can learn from the Dutch.

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