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Guest Post: Oh The Places Becky Goes

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This post is part of a series on European style and fashion. Click here to read more about Becky and how this series began.

Ok, seriously, fashion in Amsterdam? That’s exactly what I was thinking as we arrived at Central Train Station. A city known for sin, gluttony, and bad decisions (hmmm sounds a bit like New Orleans) fashion isn’t really the first thing to come to mind. Boy, did I get a wakeup call.

Amsterdam is nothing like what I was expecting. It’s so beautiful; with picturesque bridges, very narrow houses, and flower shops on every corner. You’re more likely to get run over by a bike than a car, but the Dutch are the most friendly of the Europeans we’ve encountered this whole trip. They also dress the craziest.

Amsterdam style is a bit alternative, just like the city. Girls dress head to toe in second hand finds, specifically from a daily vintage flea market near Rembrandtplein Square. This market is open everyday but Sunday. It’s one of the best flea markets I’ve ever been to. You can find everything from handmade leather wrap bracelets, to boots, army jackets, and grandma sweaters of every color. I spent hours browsing every booth and left with some pretty awesome silk scarves, 3 for 5 euro (about $6) and a few other goodies for friends.

The hostel we are staying in, Cocomama, was once the most famous brothel in Amsterdam. One of the receptionists, Jess, has the perfect example of the Amsterdam style I’ve been encountering. She’s grungy, alternative, funky, and sexy all at once.

Always wearing a signature red lip, messy hair, and thick black-rimmed glasses, Jess impressed me daily with what kind of cool look she could put together. Amsterdam is not warm by any means, so torn up tights or crazy colored jeans is the popular choice. Perhaps the Red Light District and the city’s history has some sort of influence on the Dutch and their dark style, but either way it was totally different than anything I saw in Paris or Barcelona.

Sadly, my limited travel wardrobe didn’t give me many options on trying to recreate my own Amsterdam style too terribly well. Luckily, I did bring my ugliest Navajo sweater and rocked that with my leather jacket and really messy hair to blend in a bit.
I’m off to Prague for the remaining 4 weeks of my trip for my study abroad program. Let’s see what Central Europe has to offer!


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    I’ve been to Amsterdam one day, since I live only two hours away and loved it! It’s an amazing city, I loved the vintage shops the most ^^ x

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    The flea market sounds killer!  Jealous!

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    All the Dutch street style blogs are always my favorite! I always feel like everyone featured has such singular and distinct style! Love the sound of that flea market!

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    Becky your trip seems amazing! Its great to see how different each European country is and their style. Enjoy Prague!

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    Becky, that photo of the red front door is beautiful. I dream of visiting Amsterdam one day and your view on the city has made me love it even more.  Amsterdam based fashion bloggers always seem to have this special je ne sai quoi.

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    Alexandra Safran

    looks like such a fun trip! amsterdam is one of my most favorite cities:)

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    Ok, that’s where I want to go! It sounds amazing and I love the style. 

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