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Out With The Old, In With The New I Spring Clean Your Undie Drawer

spring cleaning underwear

I am reminding myself of my mother today when she would tell me to wash my face and brush my teeth every night. Thanks ma! Because of her nightly reminders, I have a pretty decent complexion and half pearly whites as I creep up to 30-years-old. Yikes!

So spring has sprung. That’s right y’all, time to refresh. While I am not here to tell you to wash your face or brush your teeth tonight, I am here to to remind you that your undie drawer may need some serious updating. Tis the season! Many think the daunting task of spring cleaning just involves garages, categorizing cabinets, and so forth, but do not ignore your most beloved items. I’m sure your undies need some TLC right about now.

This type of spring cleaning doesn’t have to take hours. Literally, five minutes is all you need. Next time you are fishing inside your underwear drawer in the morning, review what’s inside and think about these three things.

1. Out with the old! There is no excuse to have old, unsightly panties taking up space in your drawer. Anything less than flattering or just plan uncomfortable, get rid of it.

2. Variety? Do you have different silhouettes? Classic bikinis to wear under dresses and skirts?, Thongs for tight pants and jeans? Boyshorts to pair with an oversized tee and hang around the house? Take note of what you have and don’t have.

3.  Color love! Along with your basics of white,  beige and black, do you have fun pieces? Pinks, purples, blues, yellows and greens?

4. In with the new! Now that you’ve dwindled your undie drawer, time to stock up. You don’t have to spend a fortune buying or hours making your own. Newsflash! I have 2 and 3 panty packs available as well as a panty pattern, kit and tutorial.

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    I just came back from a two week vacation and was saying that I really need to spring clean my undie drawer too! Why do we always seem to keep those undies that don’t fit well though?

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