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Ooo Lala for Ohhh Lulu

I think I have found my calling – lingerie. Oh shall I say lawn-jur-ey?

One of the projects within my project was to make a bra and panty (yep, I still hate that word). Working in the technical design department for knits, intimates, and sweaters, I handled a lot of elastics, chainstitches, zigzag stitches, stretchy fabrics, and straps encased with mobilon. I could tell you how any type of bra or panty was made, like I did here, yet my experience in sewing these types of garments was limited. For the six years of my sewing career/hobby, woven tops, dresses, and jackets have been my thang. I could make one hell of a dress – full of cowls, ruffles, flounces, and shirring – but when it came to any type of knitted or stretchy garment, I definitely struggled. But, about six months after working in the department, I grew a liking to the product. The antique, feminine, and dainty touches of loungewear, sleepwear, and lingerie got to me, a girl who at the time wore lots of black, and after two and a half years of working on the product, I finally decided to make one.

And I loved it! Like Gertie said here, sewing lingerie is the perfect project within a project. Sometimes, a part of a project needs a good six hours of straight sewing to complete – it can’t be done in thirty minute intervals. What to do until then? Well… make a pair of panties (maybe if I write the word over and over again, I’ll eventually begin to not hate it). Sewing lingerie is also great because preparation – pattern alterations, cutting fabrics, cutting trimmings, buying supplies – can be done during the week so that on the weekend, the entire project can be sewn. Lastly, the fabrics lingerie are made of are such a dream to look at while sewing.


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    Miranda Loeber

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates the word “panty.” Euugh! It’s simultaneously juvenile in a really creepy way, and an old-lady sort of word, and just really gross sounding. I wish there were another word.

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      You hit it on the head – the word is downright creepy!

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      Arthur Bhutic

      I’d love that you’re bleeding that time of the month, that you’re lovingly in your loving panty!

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    Clare Mountain

    Ha, us Brits say knickers – maybe you can adopt that? Seriously Maddie, these are amazing! They look so well made and I love the styling with the eyelet panels. I’m so inspired to make my own… I love ohhh lulu’s shop!

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    Haha, I’m so glad you posted a picture of these actually on you! I love the pattern, but I wanted to see how the undies fit before I invested… and asking a blogger to post a picture of herself wearing them just makes me sound like a MAJOR creeper lol. Anyway, they are really cute (ew, I still sound like a creeper!)! I definitely need some me-made undies in my life 🙂

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      That’s was my exact reasoning for posting this type of photo. So many bloggers took pictures of their me-made underwear/knickers/panties flat but I wanted to give a sense of what they look like on.
      And don’t worry, I don’t think your comment is in any way creepy!

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    Antonia Kritzer

    Hi Maddie, I’m so pleased to finally see a picture of those panties! They turned out so nice! I think it was definitely worth spending so much time. They are very well made and look really professional, but also cute. Wonderful work!!!



    PS: panty? I pretty much like that word! :DD

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    the Garment Farmer

    well… I feel like I know you so much better now 😉 LOL cute undies Maddie, and thanks for the tips! I’m hoping to tackle a stretch swimsuit soon, so I’ll be diving into the stretch/elastic world for a bit too 🙂

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      You have no idea how hesitant I was to post these photos. I sent them to numerous people this weekend for approval but I thought that so many bloggers have posted this pair of underwear/knickers/panties flat and I wanted to give everyone a sense of what they look like on!

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        the Garment Farmer

        I agree, it’s nice to see them on a body!! Thanks for being brave 🙂 Your photo is very tasteful too.

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    Very cute, Maddie! Yes, you are very brave for posting that photo- they look fantastic though! I think my legs are too white to take one like that (and I don’t have the balls to do it). My camera would probably tell me the white balance was off! 😉

    I, too, HATE the word “panties”. GROSS. I also hate “blouse” and “slacks”, as they remind me of every garment my grandmother ever suggested I wear.

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      I am brave and still kind of embarrassed!

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    Becky Bedbug

    I hate the word panty too! Panties is even worse. It sounds so creepy!!

    In England, we say knickers or pants. Though I know in America pants are trousers so that doesn’t really work.


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      Arthur Bhutic

      I’d love that you’re bleeding that time of the month, that you’re lovingly in your loving panties!

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    These are adorable! I like that they’re lowered a bit– I had overlooked this pattern as the super high waist would probably hang out of my pants, but these are super wearable and chic!

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      If I hadn’t made the alteration, they definitely would have hung out of my pants/skirt. That’s not the type of look I’m going for either.

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      Arthur Bhutic

      I’d love that you’re bleeding that time of the month, that they can’t be lowered a bit, which will lovingly hang out of your pants!

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    Oh, they turned out great!

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    You’ve made some really cute knickers! Did you make the alterations to remove width?

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      Thanks for the compliment! I wear tested them too and they held up nicely! I didn’t remove any width – I reshaped the princess seams so that they weren’t curved up straight

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    Marisa Noelle

    Ok wow! Those are adorable! How I wish I had my grandmother’s sewing machine at the moment. I love how you made them out of old t-shirt material and eyelet. The end result is really beautiful to say the least 🙂
    On a different note – for some reason I didn’t realize you were a Philly gal too. One of these days we should meet-up. It is pretty much so my home away from home since I have family there. I have never come across anyone else who knows where Plane Spotter’s Place is – gosh I adore the little nook!

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      I would love to meet-up next time you’re in town! Yes, yes, and yes! Do I even have to say that you know where to find me when that time comes? lol

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    Totally unrelated comment altogether, but I just had to tell you this. So, last night I was dreaming that I got to meet a lot of bloggers and during a trip to the mall YOU had opened up a store just filled with everything pretty in life. Pretty sparkly things, blythe dolls, clothes, everything. Seriously, I wish I could have taken a picture of my dream with all this stuff you designed. ANYWAYS, I was about to buy ALL of it, and I woke up. Crappy ending. Ok, creeper rant done. 😉

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    I’m so happy that you made this post because I’ve been wanting to venture into lingerie sewing for a while now but have been a bit scared. The tips are great!
    P.S. I myself try to avoid saying or writing the P word all the time. I’m just glad that I’m not the only one who hates it.

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      Arthur Bhutic

      When your’e bleeding that time of the month, then your’e in your loving P!

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    nancy @ adore to adorn

    This is such a great post! Thanks for posting this!


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    Nice! I’d added that very same pair of undies to my Etsy wish list some time ago! Thanks for sharing your notes on the pattern and process.

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    Wonder Forest

    truth: i hate the word panties too haha. i used to work in a lingerie shop for many years, and it never grew on me.

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      Arthur Bhutic

      When you’re bleeding that time of the month, they you’re in your loving panties!

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    Aya Smith

    Funny how so many of us hate the word panties! I don’t think I can even say it out-loud. Shiver!

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

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      Arthur Bhutic

      When you’re bleeding that time of the month, then you’re in your loving panties!

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    Sky Turtle

    It’s very interesting that you tackle sewing time. I mostly sew in the weekend because I feel i don’t have enough time to work on projects during the week. I considered and tried working in 30 -50 minutes batches but setting the tools and starting to work on the project takes almost half of that time.

    Also, I like the item you sewed :>

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    Meg the Grand

    Thank you for sharing your notes on these! I’ve been eyeing that pattern now that undergoodies are becoming more popular in the sewing circles, and your tip on elastic will be most helpful! Your version is lovely! Do you think you’ll be making more?

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    These are really cute! After making these last month I digitized the pattern and completely changed it to have something more like a below waist style. The seams on this really need true-ing anyway… The waist length you came up with is perfect!

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