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    How She Wore It: Lisa

    The Noelle Bra is meant to look great and be a comfortable, but most importantly, be wearable. Pretty is useless if it isn’t functional – that’s the case is almost every instance, isnt it?! With a halter neckline, Noelle’s styling options need consideration. Obviously, it can’t just be thrown with a camisole top unless you want to take visible lingerie to the extreme. I love the look Noelle paired with open garments – low draped armhole at the sides or an open back. Last week, Isabella rocked her Noelle with a tank, sweater and jacket and today, Lisa rocks her Noelle by showing off the racerback.

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    How She Wore It: Isabella

    For those of you who have been following for a while now, or at least since late last year, you know that I produced a small assortment of my favorite halter bralette, Noelle in November. Every lady has their go-to bra in their closet and this is mine. It’s sporty, but still has a feminine touch with the velvet bodice/racerback and the lace bottom bands. I wear it several times a week, different ones obviously, and I’m so looking forward to spring and summer when I can wear peeking out from underneath tanks. Ugh, hurry up and get here warm weather!

    Today, I’m showing you how Isabella rocks her Noelle. She is a seriously cool chick – I have major hair envy – and is a student at Drexel University here in Philly. What does she think of her Noelle? “I love it! I got a small, and I’m usually a 34 A/B (depending on brand). It fits pretty perfectly. I love wearing it out or just under my every day clothing.”

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    What I Made: Oaklyn

    This is not your momma’s bodysuit nor is it a leftover leotard from my or your dancing days. Oh wait, that’s right, I was never a dancer. In any case, I’m pretty nuts about bodysuits right now. Gotta have them, need to have them. They’ve become a wardrobe staple. They’re back and better than ever before. So not 1989.

    With three new bodysuits in my wardrobe, I’ve definitely found ways to wear all of them. On repeat. Actually, one of my outfits right now is the Ashton or Oaklyn with a pair of Madewell overalls. I bought a jumper dress from Free People, but it’s still a little too chilly to wear it. Warm weather, get here already!

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    Video: Bra Making with Madalynne

    I hope you all are having a great start to the weekend. I am in the studio today playing pretend bride with BHLDN, but wanted to share a video from the last Bra Making with Madalynne workshop. I pour my heart into these classes, and seeing the day come together so beautifully into this two minute video is so fulfilling. I can’t stop playing it, and I smile each time and think, “How lucky am I?”

    The video was made by Kate Diloia, photographer and videographer behind Infinite-Arrow. Based in Philadelphia, she offers a little bit of everything – food photography, weddings, portrait sessions – and is one of those people who is truly passionate about what she does. She is always eager for the next project, and is very open to collaborating so that her clients get exactly what they want. She’s getting married in June, but is booking for summer and fall. So if you’re in need of a photographer or videographer, get in touch with her via her website.

  • Moodboard: Oaklyn

    Remember when digital moodboards were a thing? Like weekly recap posts? Maybe they still are and I’m just not up to date with what the cool kids in blogging world are doing. Or still doing. Ladies who have continued to post – A Cup of Jo, Heather and Sarai. Thanks ladies! I still thoroughly enjoy.

    Anyways, I had fun putting together a moodboard for a bodysuit I just finished. Like literally sewed on the neckband and went to my computer. I turned my sewing machine off in between – FYI. I know, I know… moodboards come at the beginning of a project. So sue me. I had the urge to do something creative – digitally – and I did. Booyah!

    It’s a simple bodysuit, but I’ve worked hard on it. I’m happy with the way it’s turned out, but it’s still not perfect. I’m my harshest critic, right? Will it ever be perfect? Like I tell my students at workshops, perfection is ovah-rated!

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    Host a Bridal Shower with Madalynne (Read: Panty Part-AYYY!)

    Weddings make for the ultimate girl-bonding events – bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Girl power yo! If you’re a bride-to-be, bridesmaid, maid of honor, sister of the bride, or just party planner, you may be brainstorming bridal party ideas. Hey, here’s an idea – gather your wedding squad and panty party. I may hate the word (panty), but making one of the simplest DIY sewing projects makes for a great afternoon. It’s not just me, even the Huffington Post agrees.

    Emily Watson is a food blogger who lives in Philly and is getting married this spring. Surprise, surprise, we met via our blogs/Instagram. She reached out to me about collaborating for her bridal shower – I hadn’t thought of hosting one, but after Saturday, I sooo want to do more! Seriously.soooo.much.fun.

  • When Do Girls Start Wearing Bras

    Your First Bra Story

    I couldn’t tell you how old I was, who I was with, if it was pink or if it had a dinky bow in the middle. Did I buy it or did my mom? Was it soft or an underwire? Lace or Lycra? Yet here I am, at 28-years-old, wondering about my first… my first bra.

    I read a first bra story on a forum that made me laugh – a dad told a mom that their daughter’s nipples were showing, and suggested three solutions. To cover her nipples with Band-Aids, wrap her chest in gauze or buy her a bra. Solution #2 = Father of the Year Award. I might have an extra pink, glitter trophy for him.

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    What I Made: Ashton

    “Simple is as simple does.” Forrest Gump so eloquently stated these lines. Okay, less eloquent, more southern twang.

    I think a lot about over-stimulation. Via social media, I am constantly bombarded with images, tweets, posts, texts, yada, yada, yada. My mind is always engaged, scrolling from top to bottom or swiping from left or right. As much as I’m in it and take part of it, I also crave to get away from it. Far far away from it. Increasingly, I want more peace, harmony and simplicity. I only want to surround myself with the people, the places and the things that matter the most and leave me feeling fulfilled at the end of the day. Included in this is clothing, lingerie too. My closet used to be ridiculous, you could even call it ridonkulus. It was so full of crap that I wore once or was trendy at the moment. I began to edit what I worn with Colette’s The Wardrobe Architect and today, my closet is tiny. Just take a peek here. Only four drawers and one rack are all I got. I love it.

    The bodysuit you see today is simple – one bust dart and a fold over turtleneck – but it’s a reflection of what I’m all about these days. Aside from the construction of the turtleneck at the back neck, which is a hot mess and I’ll get to below, you might not think I need to change anything. Agree to disagree. Just like all other areas of my life, there are still things I want to refine. So onward I go, bodysuits like this are coming your way yo!