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    A Periwinkle Bralette

    Long, intensive projects are satisfying, but so are simple ones. I’m talking about the projects you can cut the night before, sew the morning or afternoon afternoon and still have time to relax that evening after the last stitch is sewn. Not sure what a perfect weekend is to you, but some version of this would be included in it.
    Along those same lines, while I love the underwire workshops the soft bra sessions are my personal favorite. No offense to you underwire ladies! For me – I can’t speak for the students – I feel like I’m taking a nice jog through the day; I don’t feel like I’m running a marathon. Sure, a marathon is good every now and then, but boy, does it wear you out!
    Last week, I made the sample bra for the upcoming bralette class on July 16. Cut and sewn in just a few hours, it was made with the loveliest shade of periwinkle galloon lace, lined with beige powernet and finished with matching periwinkle picot/plush elastic, all from Tailor Made Shop. I’m usually a black, white and cream gal when it comes to my lingerie, but this was a nice departure from the norm. Girls gotta go wild sometimes y’all!

  • sora

    Giveaway: Sora Designs “Handmade” + “Sewing Necklace”

    We all love handmade items. That’s a give in. Duh! Well, today I am hosting a giveaway that is very much in line with that word. Sora Designs is offering two necklaces to one lucky reader – one that says “handmade” and one that says “sewing”. They’re different lengths, one is long and one is short, so you can wear them together. Umm… I’m SUPER jealous of whoever wins!

    Before I get to contest entry, let me talk a little bit about the shop. Wen is the owner and in her previous life, she was a senior research analyst for the Judicial Council of California. Her role was to provide evidence-based research data to support policy making in the judicial council in the areas of family lay and juvenile delinquency and dependency court administration. It’s VERY different from what she is doing now, and very inspiration, especially since this month, I’ll be making a huge transition myself. I’ll be leaving my day job to pursue my passion, Madalynne, full time. Finally! That’s a different post for a different day that is coming very soon.