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Panty Traditions: New Year, New You, New Underwear

panty-traditions-web-2There’s such thing as panty traditions, did you know that? New year, new you, new undies! I guess I have been hiding underneath a rock (or inside someone’s underwear drawer?) because I did not know this until recently.

So, in some countries/cultures, it’s most common in Latin America, the color underwear one wears on New Year’s night indicates the kind of year that one is going to have. Men and women are both included. Red indicates a year of passion and love (duh!), yellow indicates a year of happiness, luck and success, and white indicates a year of fresh starts. Polka dots will supposedly bring prosperity.

What an unusual traditions, almost as unusual as wearing your undies inside out. My opinion? It can’t hurt to try. I missed this year, but I have about 350 days to determine (and make) underwear for the next NYE. WWMD? What will Maddie do? Polka dots? Blue? Green? Would it be wrong, and/or terribly ugly, to make a colorblocked lingerie set? Nah yo.

A specific color might not guarantee the kind of year you or I want, but I believe it can help put you in the right mentality so that you will achieve it. Those are my parting words…

Your turn. Have you heard of this tradition? Ever worn a particular color undies on NYE?



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    Hahaha yes! Red undies the past two new years. I had no idea that there were other colors included in the superstition. Maybe I’ll wear yellow next year instead.

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      I hear you on the yellow.

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    True. Here in Mexico wearing red undies in NYE is supposed to attract love, and yellow undies will bring money. Nobody pays any attention to white, polka dots or any other color, though. But here’s the thing: to do the trick the undies must be a present. It doesn’t work if you buy them yourself!
    Anyways, in my personal experience it doesn’t work, hahaha : )

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      Ha! I didn’t know they had to be a present. Interesting!

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    Evania Carvalho

    Yes, certainly!
    I am Brazilian , always spend the New Year with new underwear and color of what I’m wishing for the year that is coming. Hahaha! This year used green (meaning hope and balance ) .
    Sorry for the bad English. I always use a translator to keep up your blog in Brazil. I come every day because it inspires me a lot . Kisses!

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    Wow, never knew. I too missed it this year but maybe I’ll try it next year. And color blocked undies sounds interesting. Can’t wait to see how they end up looking.

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      It will be an interesting experiment for sure!

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    What a brilliant tradition! I’m in for next year! 🙂

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    I’ve followed that tradition all my life! 😉 In Spain, we always wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve. Red works for everything: love, money, happines… But if you want it to be extra powerful, it has to be a new pair. Also, I you don’t have red underwear, you can wear a red garter instead. And the boys can wear it too! 😛

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      I didn’t know that! Thanks for sharing!

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