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Noelle: A Free Bra + Panty Pattern


You asked and you shall receive! After posting so many of my own iterations, and after so many requests to release a pattern, I am finally offering the Noelle as a free PDF. A simple style, I’m confident that if you’ve sewn lingerie, you can rock this! So, where can you download the pattern? Will there be a sew along? What’s the hashtag? Read below yo!

What I Made: Isla

how to make a bra

I hate underwires. Let me repeat that in all caps and italics. I HATE UNDERWIRES. Mona, owner of Coeur Boutique, says that a bra must have underwires. Being petite and bony, underwires literally hurt. They press into my ribcage. I have steered clear of underwired bras for quite some time. I still sew them as custom pieces, but the last time I made one for myself was the Marlborough. That was early 2015 – yikes! – that was long ago. I’m currently lusting monowired styles, and I plan to make one next month. Keyword being plan. Before I get to it, I tiptoed back into the world of underwires by remaking an oldie but goodie, Noelle, but altering the pattern for underwires.

What I Made: Anita

halter bralette

It’s been a long minute since I sewed something. Between the launch of the Madalynne x Urban Outfitters collection and event this weekend, and then finalizing the London workshop, I’ve had ZERO time to sit down and make something. However, there was a lull in my schedule last week, so I squeezed in some quality time with my sewing machine to make a simple set. It took about 2 hours to cut and sew, but that 2 hours felt so, sooo good. Don’t think a quick project can result in a good project? Wrong! Anita is a new favorite. Come on, ain’t she smokin’ hot!? Ow ow!

In both my life and my sewing, I’ve been simplifying. Edited down, removing the non essentials and only including what matters the most. This includes people, places, food and things. For clothing, that translates into only wearing garments that I LOVE. It has resulted in a seriously small wardrobe, which I have come to love. That has also naturally translated into styles that are very basic and can be mixed and matched. Comparing then to now, I am the most happy with my wardrobe now and think that my style is the best it has ever been.

The Difference Between a Full and Partial Band Bra + How To Convert

I’ve sewn mostly full band bras, but I’m currently experimenting with a partial band style. The project has me going back to two posts I wrote about the difference between a partial band and a full band bra. I’ve learned a lot since, and there are some updates I’d like to make to that post. First is