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Perks Of A Killer Day Job Part 2: Spending Time With BHLDN


Most brides say that they’re the luckiest girl because they found “the one.” Not Miss Maddie Flanigan. On a bone chilly afternoon last week, I was the luckiest girl sans a fiancé because I had the opportunity to be play pretend bride with BHLDN, a brand underneath the URBN umbrella of brands. To gain top secret blogging Intranet information that I would be shot dead if I divulged (I’d die the name of fashion ONLY), I slipped into a handful of jewel encrusted, flower adorned, and sequin laden dresses from the brand’s spring collection. As I stood in front of the mirror (I even appeared on their Instagram), the BHLDN team and I discussed the fit, the color, and the silhouette of the dress that hung on my small frame.

“Is this the one, Maddie? Do you say yes to this dress?”

Taking one sip of wine,  I said “yes.”

With such a definitive statement out in the air, I lightened the mood a little. Burp… (or should I say belch. A lady never burps).

The perks of having a killer day job…




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    Wow girl, what an amazing experience!!! Those dresses are stunning. And, to try on those beauties without the pressures of actually having a wedding coming up sounds absolutely perfect to me.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Perfect. That’s the perfect word for this experience.

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    You look amazing in the instagram photo! Reminds me, I need to sort out a cheap dress solution pretty soon.

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    Kate O'Hara

    Okay, it’s official, I’m first jealous of your life! 😉 Lucky girl! That dress looks beautiful!!

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    Bekuh Browning

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, gorgeous! What a fun afternoon treat.

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    Sewing Princess

    Gorgeous dress on you! looks like you had a great day!

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    too. much. awesome.

    and you get to drink at work.

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    Yay for dress-ups at work! BHLDN just opened right before my wedding and I remember feeling like someone had punched me in the gut – I already had my dress but I kept thinking “If I had ONLY KNOWN I WOULD’VE WAITED!!” Which in retrospect is a lie because I loved my dress. But they sure do make the whole bridal thing extra pretty and dreamy!

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    Amanda Russell

    What tantalizing glimpses!! I think it would be fabulous to be pampered and adorned with jewels, without the stress of having to spend thousands LOL. As a side note, I have been following your bodice drafting posts, and wanted to thank you for doing them and let you know I plan on making a sloper this year, using your posts as a guide!! ^__^

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Amanda – let me know how the drafting goes. I always have a helping hand to lend.

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    Becky Stets

    Yes you have an awesome day job! Very jealous!

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    Holly Crawford

    AWE. SOME!! That sounds like such a fun time!! Haha. What a perfect job for you. 😉

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    I am so jealous! You do have a killer day job!

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    Fiona H

    That’s such a cool sneek peek Maddie! My brother and his future wife are getting married in the South of France this summer and I am wearing one of BHLDN’s dresses as one of their bridesmaids. Its flowy and beautiful. The sequin encrusted you tried on is absolutely stunning too, lucky you! Fiona

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Great choice!

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    Emily Baker

    gahhhhh that’s so incredible!!! I’m so jealllyyy!! 🙂

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    eek! so exciting! 🙂


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    Meg the Grand

    You are positively stunning!! What a marvelous opportunity – I’m so excited to see their post!!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Thank you Meg

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    Jackie Saffert

    BHLDN is such an amazing brand. It’s so cool that you got to try on their gowns! Also, I’m continually pretty impressed that you actually blog for a living. Sounds like such a fun job!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      I’m am incredibly lucky. I make sure that I don’t forget that.

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