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Sponsor Feature: Rustic Gem Jewelry


At each and every bra workshop, details count. Details, details, details. The fabric and trims, the food, the decor – I try as much as I can to have it all “go”. Included in that are the goody bags. No party – and my workshops ARE a party – would be complete without a goody bag. Amirite or amirite?

What I Made: Sawyer (Madalynne X Simplicity 8229 Remix)

black bra

I know, I know, I sound like a broken record in every introduction of a ‘What I Made’ post. I said it at the beginning of Amari, that fabulously flared burnt orange bodysuit, and I’ll say it again. I don’t know how the heck I squeezed out this me-made. Unlike Amari, this number wasn’t a spontaneous make. Oh

Open Sew Session with PFAFF

pfaff sewing machines

You know what movie I want to see? Collateral Beauty. It’s about a successful New York advertising executive who suffers a great tragedy, and when he retreats from life, his friends try to reconnect with him. He looks for answers by writing letters to Love, Time and Death and begins to understand how these three interlock and how important

My Intimate Story: My New Life as a Full Time Lingerie Designer, Sewing Teacher and Part Time Personal Stylist for Anthropolgie


Sometimes, the grass IS greener on the other side. I don’t get super personal on my blog often, but in early August, I shared a big life change. After 6 1/2 years of working a corporate gig for URBN, I left to pursue my lingerie dreams. My biggest fear, one that held me back from

My Intimate Story: Preventing Burnout + Self Employment


The year hasn’t ended, but it has already taught me a big lesson. It’s been my most exciting year. In April, Urban Outfitters released an exclusive Madalynne intimates collection, and in August, Simplicity will release two Madalynne lingerie patterns. A month after, in September, UO will release a second Madalynne collection. To top it off,

Giveaway: Sora Designs “Handmade” + “Sewing Necklace”


We all love handmade items. That’s a give in. Duh! Well, today I am hosting a giveaway that is very much in line with that word. Sora Designs is offering two necklaces to one lucky reader – one that says “handmade” and one that says “sewing”. They’re different lengths, one is long and one is short, so you can wear them together. Umm… I’m SUPER jealous of whoever wins!

Before I get to contest entry, let me talk a little bit about the shop. Wen is the owner and in her previous life, she was a senior research analyst for the Judicial Council of California. Her role was to provide evidence-based research data to support policy making in the judicial council in the areas of family lay and juvenile delinquency and dependency court administration. It’s VERY different from what she is doing now, and very inspiration, especially since this month, I’ll be making a huge transition myself. I’ll be leaving my day job to pursue my passion, Madalynne, full time. Finally! That’s a different post for a different day that is coming very soon.

My Favorite Moments in Lingerie: Then + Now


I’m in the throes of some pretty heated lingerie projects (coming soon!) while also trying to work through a few kinks on this new website design (how do you like the new layout?). I don’t want to leave you hanging, so today, I’m popping in with a fun most. These aren’t ALL my favorite lingerie moments – missing: Jamie Lee Curtis in “True Lies” and Catherine Deneuve in “Belle De Jour” – but they’re in the top tier. Xtina, Kate Moss and even my mom. Just like your trusted pair of jeans, or your TNT patterns, I keep coming back to these ladies to fuel my creativity and designs. After reading, I’d love to hear your favs!

London Recap (Fabric Shopping Details)


Last week, I hopped on a plane and crossed the Atlantic for the second time in my 28 year existence. Alone, I traversed the city of London for a week, first teaching two back-to-back bra workshops and then stomping around the city. I never traveled when I was younger. My mom’s spine collapsed when I was just a teenager – breast cancer ate her bones. She had metal rods holding her up, and thus, couldn’t sit for long periods of time. So a long plane ride was out of the question. It was 10 years after she passed away that I made my first international jaunt – Paris stole my heart last July. Swoon. That trip taught me the importance of traveling. It really does feed your soul. On my last day in the UK, I was on the platform at the Hammersmith waiting for my train back to the Victoria station when I texted my dad this, which sums of how I feel about traveling: “You realize how big the world is. On the contrary, you realize how small you are in the world.” If you’re hesitating to travel for whatever reason, stop right now. Just do it! Oh geese… I just made Nike reference.

Madalynne x Urban Outfitters Launch Event


Mark your calendars! On May 14, Urban Outfitters will be hosting a launch event at their store in Brooklyn to celebrate the Madalynne x Urban Outfitters collection. If you didn’t hear the news, Urban Outfitters released an exclusive Madalynne collection of intimates, which are now available for sale online and in 50 stores.

It’s going to be an exciting, DIY event. The project? With every intimates purchase, Madalynne or not, I will add a Venetian lace applique. I’ve partnered with Spiegel’s once again – they’re so good to me – and I’ll be using their 60609 to sew the appliques. They’ve also offered to raffle off a machine to one guest. All the more reason to come! My favorite Philly bakery, Whipped Bakeshop, made super cute and super yum cookies, so we’ll all be on a sugar high. Last, with each purchase, you’ll receive a branded linen goodie bag with dried flowers.

Behind-the-Scenes of Madalynne x Urban Outfitters Intimates Collection


If you didn’t hear the news from the last post, let me fill you in. Over the past year, I’ve been working with Urban Outfitters to create an exclusive Madalynne collection of intimates, which is now available for sale online and in 50 stores. Eek! I’m still pinching myself that it’s real!

Today, I’m making an appearance on their blog, sharing more about the collection, my “day job”, producing the collection and more. So hop on over to read more as well as check out some awesome photos of my studios that you don’t get to see often. Above and below are some outtakes.

Big News! Madalynne x Urban Outfitters Intimates Collection


Ladies and gents, there’s a secret project I’ve been working on since last year that I can finally reveal to you. Drumroll please…. now available online and in 50 stores is an exclusive Madalynne collection for Urban Outfitters. It has been my dream to have a Madalynne product for sale at a retailer, not just in my Etsy shop, and I am pinching myself that it is now a reality. Eek!

The collection was inspired by my favorite me-mades – Dakota, Noelle, Sierra and Allegra. I worked with UO’s incredible production team, who not only ensured the pieces used the best quality fabric and trims, but that they aligned with my aesthetic. My vision was a contemporary, modern take on lingerie that mixes sporty, feminine, comfort and style. Tasteful yet bold lingerie that feels great, fits well and is affordable (prices between $48-$68). That’s what I was going for and with UO’s help, I’m hoping we achieved it.

How To Give Lingerie

how to give lingerie

As a bonafide lingerie lover, I adore the idea of bras and undies as presents. For my boss’s daughter’s confirmation, I wrapped up two Noelle bras – metallic and velvet – put them in a square black box and tied a white ribbon around. I hope that was okay for a religious event. Whoops if it wasn’t! Because I do what I do, it is understandable that I give lacy, velvet-y underthings as a thank you, welcome back, Santa’s coming, he broke your heart. For others who don’t do this as a living –are there rules for how to give lingerie? Who can give what? What’s appropriate? Are there no-no’s?

Moodboard: Oaklyn

Remember when digital moodboards were a thing? Like weekly recap posts? Maybe they still are and I’m just not up to date with what the cool kids in blogging world are doing. Or still doing. Ladies who have continued to post – A Cup of Jo, Heather and Sarai. Thanks ladies! I still thoroughly enjoy.

Anyways, I had fun putting together a moodboard for a bodysuit I just finished. Like literally sewed on the neckband and went to my computer. I turned my sewing machine off in between – FYI. I know, I know… moodboards come at the beginning of a project. So sue me. I had the urge to do something creative – digitally – and I did. Booyah!

It’s a simple bodysuit, but I’ve worked hard on it. I’m happy with the way it’s turned out, but it’s still not perfect. I’m my harshest critic, right? Will it ever be perfect? Like I tell my students at workshops, perfection is ovah-rated!

Your First Bra Story

When Do Girls Start Wearing Bras

I couldn’t tell you how old I was, who I was with, if it was pink or if it had a dinky bow in the middle. Did I buy it or did my mom? Was it soft or an underwire? Lace or Lycra? Yet here I am, at 28-years-old, wondering about my first… my first bra.

I read a first bra story on a forum that made me laugh – a dad told a mom that their daughter’s nipples were showing, and suggested three solutions. To cover her nipples with Band-Aids, wrap her chest in gauze or buy her a bra. Solution #2 = Father of the Year Award. I might have an extra pink, glitter trophy for him.

My Life With Two Cats: One Year Later


They say your life changes when you have children. Do cats count because let me tell you, I had one life before I adopted Sage and Basil, and I have a completely different life now. I AM a cat mom and proud of it. February marked one year since I adopted these two rascals, whoops… I meant brothers. It’s been an exciting year, and they stuck through all my life, sewing and general trials and tribulations. It’s not easy being a #legitbramaker. That’s true love yo.

They’re personalities have completely switched. Like total 180. When I reached out about adopting, I only wanted one, and it was Sage who caught my eye. The adoption agency, City Kitties, described him as the docile one. His brother, Basil, was active. I visited them at their foster home shortly after, and could see that they were close. Compadres minus the sombreros. “Would you be interested in taking both of them?” Ha! So I can have zero chance of finding my future ex-husband? Thanks, but no thanks. After talking to friends, having two cats made more sense. I’m at work all day – they’d have someone to play with, a partner in crime).

A Very Jenga Christmas


Well, Christmas has come and gone. Can you believe it? I spent the holiday in South Florida with my family, and it was the perfect getaway. I even celebrated my 28 birthday! Cheers to another year of looking like I’m 14-years-old!

My trip was very – waking up later than usual, baking ugly holiday cookies (we tried; A+ for effort), shopping for gifts, watching movies (Star Wars on repeat), going out to lunch every day, and outside dinners. Gotta love that last one. Santa was good to all of us, but we received an extra special gift this year. We had a live Elf On The Shelf! He is actually my brother’s roommate and being Jewish, he had never celebrated Christmas. We played white elephant after opening gifts – it was my older brother’s idea. Not mine. My younger brother was the lucky recipient of the “sweet cheeks” undies. I don’t recall who received Jenga, but it became a centerpiece of the trip. Many intense games. Real nail biters.

Madalynne Year In Review


I am ending this year in a much different place than where I started. A year ago, I was uncertain. I was planning my first bra workshop, and to be quite honest, I wasn’t sure about it. I loved the idea, but I didn’t know if others would feel the same. Luckily, the classes have been a success, not to mention a ton of fun. There isn’t anything like it, at least I don’t think so, which is why you ALL should attend. Ahem…

In last year’s review, I wrote that I wanted to devote a lot of time to bra making and I think I did a damn good job at accomplishing that. What’s on the horizon for next year? From the way it looks now, 2016 is going to be great. Things could change, but that’s the current forecast. With that though, my life is going to get crazy and it will be important to stay focused. To keep my eye on the prize. When projects seem endless, when deadlines approach, and when I spend 4 times sewing the same hook + eye, here are the mottos I’m going to TRY to keep in mind…

Merry Christmas!


Today, I am right where I want and need to be – with my family. I haven’t been home in one whole year, and I’m giving myself a much-deserved, week-long break in my hometown, Ft. Lauderdale.

There was so much excitement that happened in 2015 – my bra workshops, an amazing trip to Paris, a partnership with Spiegel’s, and the launch of my own intimates line – and I am ending the year soaking it all up and thinking just how lucky I am. The next year is just a few days away, and I can’t wait to hit the ground running. There are a lot of BIG things coming that I haven’t been able to share, but hopefully, I will be able to soon. Until then, I’m going to pause for one moment and say thank you for all your support. You are the reason I get to do exactly what I want to do every damn day. Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

What I Made: Holly


By now, you probably think that I don’t wear clothing, that I prance around in my skivvies all day long. Grocery shop wearing Allegra, attend work meeting wearing Sierra. Well, I’m here today to break that assumption, if that was your assumption. I do wear clothes! Multi-colored trumpet skirts! Sequins.every.damn.day…

Although this skirt is an occasion piece, I think it is not super trendy and that I’ll be able to wear it for many holidays/seasons to come. Sequins and sparkles are timeless – just my two cents. Also, because of the color, I can wear it year round. Maybe a spring wedding?

And a trumpet skirt ain’t a trumpet skirt unless you can bust a move in it. I’ll be cuttin’ some rug y’all this New Year’s Eve.

Gallery: November Vibes

Thank goodness fall has been unseasonably warm. Being from Florida, I struggle during winter. Temperatures get bitter, the days get shorter, and my mood plummets. When I get low, I know exactly why, and I know it sounds cheesy, but I remind myself that one, it’s a fleeting feeling, and two, there are many things I should be grateful for.

Thanksgiving is next week – isn’t that crazy? Cray cray. For the first time, I’m not going home. One, because I’ll be going home longer for Christmas, and two, I want to spend it with my Aunt Ginny, who is like my second mother here. Wonder where that tree fort is? It’s in her backyard. It’s awesome. Just awesome. The perfect place to watch the world go by. We don’t have any plans. Maybe see a movie? It’s great to have a holiday with no expectations.

My New Tattoo


I did it again – I got another tattoo. My mom is probably rolling in her grave right now. She hated when I got my belly button pierced in high school and I’m CERTAIN she would not approve my new ink. Sorry mom!

The quote is from The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. In chapter 5, it reads:

“Women derive a pleasure, incomprehensible to the other sex, from the delicate toil of the needle.”