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My Partnership With PFAFF + Sewing Machine Giveaway!


Often, the first time you do something, it is memorable. You close your eyes and you can conjure up a clear, vivid recollection. This isn’t always the case. I definitely don’t remember the first time I put a pair of socks in the dryer or the first time I ate a grilled cheese, but I’m speaking in general terms. Many of us sewists remember our first time sewing. I do, and I also remember the first time I sewed on a PFAFF. It was 2014 and the machine was a 3.2 Expression. Boy, did she purrrrr.

Having left the corporate world this summer to pursue Madalynne full time, I’m upping many aspect of my business. Students who take lessons and workshops pay a pretty penny to attend and often travel from far way. Singapore, Canada, Brazil, California, Florida are just a few states and countries. I want to offer them the best sewing experience. The best fabric, the best trims, the best sewing machines. When considering ways to upgrade my machines, the memory of my 3.2 kept coming back. So today, I’m excited to announce that PFAFF is back in my life! I am now a proud brand sponsor. When I announced our partnership on Instagram, I was pictured with the Passport 2.0 and there were so many positive comments. “I’m in love with this machine”, “This is the machine I want!!!” and “I love that you’re on to Pfaff, my local Pfaff shop lady explained that Pfaff is the Rolls-Royce of sewing machines and the built in IDT is the bomb!!” Seems like y’all are as excited as I am, which makes me even more excited!

Madalynne Studios is now stocked with the Passport 2.0 and Coverlock 4.0. Let me tell you, the Coverlock is one.hell.of.a.machine. PFAFF and I have a lot of exciting things in the works. Tutorials, sewing parties… we’ll even be giving away machines throughout the year! To start our partnership, I’m going to review the Passport 2.0 and then tell you about our contest. Be sure to stick around for lots more PFAFF stuff!

Do you have a PFAFF? Tell me in the comments below. I’d love to know more about their machines and what you like most about them. PFAFF is also on Instgram, so gram them up! @pfaffsewing #pfaff #pfaffsewing #PassportToSewing


The Passport 2.0 is PFAFF’s compact sewing machine. Weighing only 13.9lbs, it is meant for small spaces, which makes is the great fit for Madalynne Studios. Even with 6 students, it feels crowded, and having the Passport allows students to still have breathing room. It’s also the perfect traveling machine. It’s lightweight and comes with a cover that can store the power cord and presser foot.


Using the Passport is easy even for a newbie. For threading and winding the bobbin, there are thread guide diagrams on the machine head. There is also a diagram for correctly inserting the bobbin. We’ve all been there and done that – put in the bobbin the wrong way.

The stitch selection guide is located on a pull out tab on the right hand side of the machine. The stitches are easy to read and selecting a stitch is as easy as pressing/pushing the stitch number.

The Passport also has the brand’s famous IDT system. What’s this? IDT stands for Integrated Dual Feed System. Basically, it’s a built in walking foot that gives controlled, no-slip sewing because the fabric is fed evenly from both the top and the bottom. Pieces match up, don’t stretch out, line up perfectly… yippee! For sewing lingerie, this is important.

Speaking of sewing lingerie, it’s been a super interesting trial period. The first time I used the machine, I was sewing a bra made of lace and power net. Per usual, I switched to a microtex needle. Skipped stitches. So I changed to a stretch needle. Skipped stitches. Then I switched to a ballpoint needle. Skipped stitches. When I tell you that I tried every single type and size needle, I did! Want to know what ended up working? The universal needle, INSPIRA brand, for both sewing power net and similar fabrics and applying elastic. When I told Ying about this, she was surprised as well, but she tested it for herself at the last workshop and confirmed that the universal needle worked best. All students at the last workshop sewed on the Passport and made beautiful bras with a universal needle as well. So, for sewing lace, stretch mesh, 15 denier tricot, sheer cut lining, bra tulle and power net, a universal needle works. The universal needle also works on wovens – I tried. I’m not sure if it is the IDT system at work, but I’ve never experienced that before. Would love to hear your thoughts! Below is swatch of power net and lace with a strip of elastic, all sewn with a universal needle.


Start/Stop Button: Press the Start/Stop button to sew without the foot control. Makes sewing long seams, free-motion and buttonholes easy.

Speed Slider: Adjust the speed with the speed slider for full control. I like setting to the slowest setting (unless I’m winding the bobbin) so that I’m not tempted to sew fast (read: rush through a project + make mistakes).

Sewing Guides: There is a 1/4″ seam allowance guide on the clear bobbin cover (red line in image above), which is PERFECT for sewing lingerie. See, this machine is meant to be!

6 snap on presser feet
Extra needles
Extra bobbins
Spool pins
Spool pads
Quilting bar
Lint brush
Seam ripper
Hard cover

best pfaff sewing machine for beginnersbra-making-madalynne-september-6

The Passport is easy to use, easy to carry and easy to maintain. Reasonably priced, it is also great intro machine for new sewist who want a solid machine without all the bells and whistles. For me, all I need is good tension, and a straight and zigzag stitch. So Passport and I are a perfect match.


Time for a sewing machine giveaway. PFAFF and I are offering one lucky Madalynne reader a Passport 2.0. To enter, follow @mmadalynne and @Pfaffsewing on Instagram. Then upload any sewing related picture with the hashtag #pfaffsewing and #passporttosewing. Contest starts now and ends October 21. Due to shipping, contest is only open to US readers.


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    Jennifer Spencer

    Awesome Maddie! I sew with a Pfaff too. Aren’t they the best!?! I love my local Pfaff dealer as well. I can’t wait to see all that you’re making on these beautiful machines!

    • Reply


      How cool. I have a Pfaff Creative Performance that ai love but no travel machine. My machine before the PCP was a mechanical Kenmore, so it was quite a culture shock!

  2. Reply

    Natasha Estrada

    I’m thinking that the Pfaff must have very specific timing which means it has very little tolerance for needle brands other than it’s own. I forget what brand is exactly the same as Inspira though if you’re not having to swap out needles all the time then it probably saves money in the long run. Though it is unusual for a machine in the sub $1k price range to be so fussy with needles.

    • Reply


      I have the Pfaff Passport 2.0 and the pfaffcreative 3.0 ($4000 on sale machine here in Canada) and they both take whatever needle I throw at them

      • Reply


        I should specify that I do find myself testing various needles before finding the right one for the fabric but I know people with Janome machines that have the same issue. I literally use every brand of needle in my pfaffs though and just test until I find the one that works for my fabric.

    • Reply


      I have been sewing with Pfaff TOL machines for 30 years and have never had any problems with needles in any of them. I use Schmetz brand primarily Because they are widely available. Organ brand and Inspira are also good. Recently, I bought a Passport 3.0 for travel & workshops- a great machine with many features in common with my Sensation Pro.

    • Reply

      Rachel Kachun

      I have had two Pfaffs over the years, currently, I’m the proud owner of a Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro. I have never had a problem with needles. Usually, I just use Schmetz needles, like I said, never had a problems

  3. Reply


    I would love a Pfaff! Sewing a like a pro with an first class machine would bring my sewing game up a 100%.

  4. Reply


    I would love a Pfaff, beautiful machine but out of my budget for sure.

  5. Reply

    Kirsten Reiners

    I have a very old Pfaff Jeans&Stretch (I think it was the Varimatic range international) recently upgraded to a Quilt expression and I have the bigger Coverlock machine as well. My Mum has two Pfaff machines and one of them is the cute little Passport 🙂 we cannot imagine to sew without the built-int walking foot IDT anymore

    • Reply


      The IDT sure is amazing!

  6. Reply


    I am so happy for you! What a great sponsor!!
    Way to go girl!

  7. Reply


    I’ve been sewing with a Pfaff for over 35 years I have 2 and they’re both kinda old. Earlier this year my pfaff was in the shop for awhile (3 months) and I borrowed a used Viking machine which was really nice I actually ended up buying it. When my pfaff finally got home I didn’t rush to go back to her since the Viking was a newer machine. One day I decided to put my pfaff back in place as my main machine OMG I literally started crying I had totally forgotten how it felt to sew on her. The Viking machine had gotten me through some major deadlines at a time when I really needed a machine but what I realized the moment I started sewing with my Pfaff was how much she made me love the experience of sewing. I will never leave Pfaff again and sewing with the IDT is like driving with power steering ( the only way to drive)!
    Love your blog been reading it about a year.

    • Reply


      I LOVE that metaphor – sewing without IDT is like sewing without power steering. I’m going to have to use that in the future!

  8. Reply

    Nancy Morris

    I have a 25+ year old Pfaff that I just love. The IDT solved so many problems for me and now I wouldn’t be without it. I drool over your new machine but it just isn’t in my current budget.

  9. Reply

    moments enchanteurs

    Hello Maddie! 🙂
    First praise for your lovely Blog, it`s awesome. <3
    I sew with an old Pfaff 260, it is my big love.
    Greetings from Germany
    Nessa 🙂

    • Reply


      Sending lots of love right back to ya!

  10. Reply


    i have a pfaff hobby 1042. super reliable and sturdy. My gran says always buy machines that are metal rather than plastic!

  11. Reply

    Bryony Olney

    No way! Ive been looking at the Pfaff 3 coverlock but accidentally looked at the Pfaff 4 – big mistake, now hugely drooling over a dream machine that is way out of my price range. And now you’re telling me how great it is! Please stop! 😉

  12. Reply

    Jennifer Whitney

    I acquired a Pfaff grandquilter with a frame for longarm quilting. It is amazing how well it works. Love the Pfaff machine.

  13. Reply

    Cindy Gulbrandson

    I love my Pfaffs. Would not part with them. I have a 7570, a quilt expression 4.0, a creative 4.0, and a creative sensation pro. I can make wonderful things with these machines!

  14. Reply

    Karola Brauer

    Ich liebe meine Pfaff wir gehen durch dick und dünne Nähte .
    Sie hat mich noch nie im Stich gelassen .
    Eine Pfaff die sticken kann steht aber noch auf meinem Wunschzettel .
    Viele Grüße aus dem schönen Münsterland

  15. Reply

    Di Temperton

    I’ve been sewing on a pfaff for well over 30 years. I bought my first pfaff a 1469 it’s still works. I upgraded a few years ago to a 2056. I really love both of my machines. I love the idt. I also love your blog it’s really great. Hugs from the UK. xx

    • Reply


      Hugs from the US!

  16. Reply


    Hi! I bought a Pfaff 213, secondhand and I think it has never been used so much. It’s an absolute beauty, I love it. It’s a heavy thing but it does the job rather well (I wouldn’t like to drop it on my toes though). Greetings from Germany. Fiona

    • Reply


      greetings right back at ya!

  17. Reply

    Jane C

    I have a Pfaff Quilters Expression 4.2 and find it odd that they did not add the 1/4″ line on the bobbin cover like on the Passport!! Even so, I’m a new convert and love Pfaff!

  18. Reply

    Kathy Gregg

    I own the 2156, Ambition essential and the 2144, my biggest interest is with quilting. I had a Tiptronic but I have given that to my daughter, who is also interested in quilting. I have been sewing with the Pfaff machines since 1996 when I started out with a Pfaff, which I cannot remember the model, and have been hooked ever since. As you can tell I don’t give my machines up, I just keep adding to my collection. They are an awesome machine for the very beginner to a professional seamstress. I would love to add the Passport to my collection.

  19. Reply

    Mary Ann lovejoy

    Love, love, love pfaff, always have, always will, best investments I have ever had.

  20. Reply

    Linda Derks

    I retired recently and decided to teach myself sewing…all kinds (sewing, embroidery, quilting, etc). I purchased a previously loved Pfaff Creative 3.0 and use it for everything. Having a Passport would really help. So far, I have made memory quilts, all greeting cards (birthday, get well, Xmas, etc), table runners, and now have a new grand baby coming soon, so I am making a lot of baby things. I love Pfaff and their IDT!!

  21. Reply

    Meg White

    I love Pfaff because my mother is devoted to their machines. I used her old machine to sew my collection for fashion school. I really like the built-in walking foot. I’d love to own a Pfaff someday. Great partnership!

  22. Reply

    Joyce Ely

    We collect Pfaff’s and still use all 1475 in our studio. I always joke with my sons that should something happen to me don’t worry about my car just take good care of my machines. My Ms. 4.0 as I call her, has attitude but we are starting to develop a workable friendship. Love seeing your blog.

    • Reply


      Too funny! Glad you and the Ms. are working things out.

  23. Reply

    Irene sullivan

    I have just bought my first Pfaff creative 7075 second hand only used it once to my a scrappy quilt of fleecy fabric did sew it fine.

  24. Reply

    Roberta Kennedy

    I once had a chance to get a Pfaff but I didn’t. I have been sorry ever since. A Pfaff machine would make sewing easier because it wouldn’t need to get repaired every month or so. I am a very experienced sewer, so I don’t think it’s just me! I may throw out the Viking I got next time it needs servicing!

  25. Reply

    Ann Marie Kesler

    I am one of your oldest Pfaff fans. I bought my first Pfaff, a 230A in 1956. It was a heavy, almost industrial machine but it sewed beautifully. I was happy with it for years but my husband felt I should upgrade my machine about 1984 as he liked to keep up with technology. He bought me a 1469 then because I was involved with sewing with knits and this was a wonder with that fabric. In 2003 I upgraded again to a Quilt Style 2042 when I was involved with quilt making. In 2013 I read the reviews and a You Tube tutorial about the Performance 5. There was no looking back at my old machines. I was determined to own the Performance. I have never regretted that purchase. In fact I have named her Perfect. I have never had to had repairs done on any of the machines except for the 1469 that was damaged when lighting came thru the power lines into the house and my machine was plugged in. I still own that machine as the mother board was replaced. The first machine was traded in for the 2nd one and the Quilt Style now belongs to my sister in law as she always wanted a Pfaff. I’d love to win the small machine to take to quilting classes as my Perfect is a bit large to take to class. My Pfaffs always stitch evenly and are easy to use with the good manuals that have come with them. I will never consider any other machine.. They are the tops! Pfaff fan forever. I will read your blog since you are part of the Pfaff team.

    • Reply


      Wow! You are a true PFAFF gal! Thanks for sharing your history with the brand.

  26. Reply


    I would love a new Pfaff sewing machine!

  27. Reply

    Conversations with Quilts

    I have had a 5.0 Pfaff for about a month. It sews and quilts lovely. The IDT is a built in walking foot for quilters. Love it.

  28. Reply


    Wow, you really liked my passport 2.0 in London I’m definitely going to take on board your advice about the universal needle!

    • Reply


      Yes I did! I couldn’t stop thinking about it after the workshop and thought it would be the best machine for my students.

  29. Reply


    Love my Pfaff. I sew clothing and do quilting on it. Just love the built in IDT, it makes stitching a breeze.

  30. Reply

    Marion Lundgren

    I have been sewing with Pfaff Sewing Machines since l985. I have owned just about every make and model sewing machine in my lifetime and have found none that compare to the Pfaff. At present I own a Creative Vision and also a serger which is about 25 years old, and still works like a charm. I am happy to see a new distributor. My best to you. I hope you are very successful in your new endeavor.

    • Reply


      I hope so too.

  31. Reply

    Bonnie Lindgren

    Love my Pfaff. Have been sewing over 50 years with 30 of those years using a Pfaff.

    • Reply


      Now that’s reliable!

  32. Reply

    Susie W.

    My friend has made dance costumes for 40 years using Pfaff machines. Would love to have one myself!

  33. Reply


    I’d never seen on s Pfaff, would love to trying out..just entered myself, tagged you end Pfaff ..fingers crossed!

  34. Reply

    Patricia B

    This is great, Maddie! Pfaff is the best machine ever! I have both a Pfaff and a Janome. The Pfaff is by far my favorite machine. Love it:)

  35. Reply


    Hi maddie…its true that we all remember when we started sewing…i started sewing in the early 2012…im basically a janome girl, but would love to have my hands on a PFAFF…but its not affordable for me at the time being as sewing is just my hobby and i dont earn anything out of it… I would love to enter this giveaway but so sad that its only open to US residents… What if I have a friend in the US. If I win, you can deliver this beauty to my friend and he would bring it to me when he comes for his vacation to Dubai. (Im being quite optimistic there)…

  36. Reply

    Leanne Swainson

    I have a Pfaff cover lock and am so happy with it. It’s like the BMW of the sewing world lol. My goal is to purchase Pfaff sewing machine next year but to win one would be even better. My cover lock kept me sane over the past couple of years whilst I nursed my young son with a broken back. Love love love this machine

  37. Reply

    Adriana H. de Man

    We are a Pfaff family. Grandfarher, Grandmother uncles, Mother, Son and I all have Pfaffs. I own 3, 2 need a revision I just bought them on line. Tohose aren Pfaff tipmatic 1027. I got my first Pfaff 1027 from my ex husband when our daughter was born, so it;s 34 years old. I have been looking for a Pasport because it’s a Pfaff and has evenrything I need and it is not heavy.

  38. Reply

    Donna Emberson

    I learned how to sew on my mom’s singer at age 12 – I got a PFAFF Tipmatic for Christmas when I was pregnant with my first child – he will be turning 30 this winter! lol. My Pfaff still gets used almost every day – a pretty basic machine, but fantastic German engineering, it does everything I want it to, except sew through 4 layers of sailcloth or leather – I use my Grandmother’s 1950 305A Singer for those jobs. My Pfaff has a permanent table top, and I love it for lingerie, knits and pretty much everything I make. I would love to get the Pfaff Coverlock – my current serger just doesn’t do what I want. PFAFF all the way!
    You have partnered with a great Brand!

  39. Reply

    Debra Kay Neiman

    I am a fairly new PFAFF owner, bought a store demo Creative Sensation last year. I had to have it after sewing on one at a class with Lynette Anderson in McKinney Texas. It was like driving a luxery car when you have driven s compact car for ever. I love the IDT and knowing my bobbin is low, among many many other things. crystalbluern at tds dot net

  40. Reply

    Sheri Frazier

    I too sew with Pfaff . I just can’t do without the IDT!

  41. Reply

    Bev Gunn

    One of my girl friends had an older Pfaff years ago and it was a true “workhorse” machine! She would bring it to my house and we would sew for hours. The little Passport looks like a wonderful machine and I am usually a fan of the oldies but goodies!

  42. Reply


    Wow! Lucky lady! What a fabulous sponsor. I own a 1222e. I also own 9 other non-Pfaff’s. My 1222e is still my primary machine. Hubs doesn’t understand my obsession with my Pfaff. I told him that it’s like driving a Volvo. Once you drive one, nothing else compares to the comfort and quality.

  43. Reply

    John Lahti

    This is my current dream machine. I’m new to sewing, but I was drawn to Pfaff and the Passport 2.0 right away, and I keep coming back to it for my next machine purchase. As I am likely to be doing mostly home décor sewing, the IDT is something that’ll save a lot of aggravation.

  44. Reply


    I am so happy to hear about your new partnership with Pfaff. You have a wonderful shop, patterns. I acquired your first pattern in the new line of lingerie, the bralett pattern. I have not tried it yet, it is on my work table to try to make this month. Once I feel confident, on this one, then I will work on the next pattern in the line up. For machines I have sewn/owned many machines. The machines that I have in my studio are Husqvarna Viking sewing and embroidery machines, also my sergers are from Viking. Sorry, I do not still have my Pfaff. I had one when I was first sewing in High School. Which was a very long time ago. LOL!! I would not mind having one again to have to travel with, sew at my freinds home. I wish you and all your team the best, have fun, as I have fun in my studio as I sew every day, making swimwear. I am excited to sit through one of your sew alongs. Love your designs. Thank you

  45. Reply

    Marcia Lusk

    I do not own a Pfaff machine at this time. But hearing all of you rave about your machines makes me want one of my own. Maybe even win one?

  46. Reply


    I have a passport 2.0 and a 5.0…both sew beautifully. The passport goes with me and the 5.0 stays home.

  47. Reply

    Bev Gunn

    Really like the look of the machine-very clean and uncluttered!

  48. Reply

    Martha KNUTSON

    I love my Pfaffs both of them– my most recernt is the expression 3.2. however, I don’t instagram so guess I am not eligible. oh well — definitely recommend Pfaff!!

  49. Reply


    I love my PFAFF Creative Performance! I worked in I.T. all my life, and when I retired I bought a ‘computerized’ sewing machine! Finally! There’s so much to learn and I continue to learn with classes and experimentation. Love it! I do not do ‘instagram’, but would love to have a ‘traveling’ Pfaff someday! Please include some other way of winning for us who love PFAFFS!

  50. Reply

    Arlene Null

    I have a 25 year old Pfaff 1475 cd and I I still love it!

  51. Reply

    Gail mitchell

    I have a 4 Pfaffs. Love them all. I’ve made some amazing stuff over the years. I don’t do Instagram

  52. Reply

    Lindy Thibodaux

    I do have a Pfaff (my second– I had to leave my first behind when I moved across country, because it was an enormous industrial built into a large, heavy table). My current machine is a Creative 7570 that I’ve had for many years now, and still love and rely on it!

  53. Reply

    Diana Hensley

    I love, love my Pfaffs. I purchased my first one in 1992. I still have it and keep the ruffler on it for those things I need to make a quick ruffle. I have the Coverlock 4, great machine, no fussing with tension. And my two favorite, Creative Sensations (CS), yes two! I have done tons of embroidery on the CS, beautiful work. I did break down and bought a cheap lightweight machine for traveling. I would love, love to have the Passport 2.0.

  54. Reply

    Bryony Olney

    Update! Ive now joined the Pfaff club with a new Coverlock 3! She is a beautiful beast but am hoping with so many experienced Pfaff users that someone might help me with some advice? I just cannot get her to Coverstitch 🙁 religiously followed both a YouTube video and the manual guidance but shes chewing fabric and dropping stitches. Just cant fathom where im going wrong. Ive managed to rethread for overlocking twice now with beautiful results (I never thought I was capable of such beautiful edges!) but to Coverstitch – nope, not a sausage. Anything I should be looking out for particularly? Im using spun polyester thread not woolly nylon at the moment…

  55. Reply


    I have the Pfaff Expression 150 and I love, love, love it! I had sewn my entire life, but not very often and my Singer machine that I’d gotten as a wedding present from my mom was pretty finicky and a bit difficult to use, so sewing was more of a chore than anything. But when it stopped being usable in the middle of an important project with a tight deadline, I borrowed a machine from a friend of a friend and it was an older Pfaff (not sure which model) and was so easy to use and sewed like a dream. So, I decided to take the plunge and get one for myself. It cost a bit more than I would have spent otherwise, but I’ll tell you, my Pfaff made me absolutely fall in love with sewing like I had never had before and I made it a priority to find a permanent location for it instead of pulling it out and packing it away for each project. It was the best investment I’ve made and worth every penny that I paid for it.

  56. Reply

    Ashley S

    I do not have a pfaff, I would love one. I entered the giveaway 🙂 *crossing my fingers*. My mother has a pfaff and I have used hers. It’s an older one but still sews great…

  57. Reply


    I have a Pfaff industrial machine that I’m afraid of! So this smaller machine would be a great experience for me to make my bags with.

  58. Reply

    karen ewankiw


  59. Reply

    Diana Hensley

    I love, love my Pfaff machines. I bought my first Pfaff in 1992 and still runs well today. Then reason I love the Pfaff are the design features that no other machine has. For example, the IDT, the bobbin getting lower warning, not having to put the pressure foot down and the excellent machine that Pfaff makes. I have the coverlock 4.0 serger. But, my favorite Pfaff I have is my Creative Sensation. I have made so many embroidery projects on this machine. I would love to have a light weight machine to take to sewing get together like the Passport 2.0. I tried to post one of my embroidery projects, but couldn’t get to work.

  60. Reply

    Cindee Ferris

    In 1993, I purchased my first Pfaff. The Creative 7510. I loved it! Made the best buttonholes. Was a great machine, until last January while attending a class, she died. 🙁 I was so upset. The board was toast, and was too expensive to replace. That said, that machine sewed up numerous quilts, costumes, garments and curtains. Ended up getting the Pfaff Quilter Expression 4.2. I won’t lie, the thread cutter was a bit of a problem at first, but I found a guy who was able to fix it and now she is dreamy!
    The IDT is really amazing.
    Have really enjoyed your blog and was so excited for you when I saw your patterns in Joann’s! I picked both up and my Daughter in Law and I are so excited to get started.
    BTW Maddie – I love your Tattoo!!!

  61. Reply

    BlackThread Boutique

    Who won giveaway?

    • Reply


      I was just wondering that myself and came to look.

  62. Reply

    Sassa Peterson

    <3 my Pfaff serger but the one your advertising sounds simply amazing!

  63. Reply


    I stumbled upon the post, because I am in search of a new machine. I have always owned Singer machines and they have been great (my mum’s and my grandma’s ones). But my new Singer is not so much fun, she is a real Diva. Most annoying though is the small foot pedal that is only about half of the size and weight than that of the old machines…
    How is that with the Pfaff Passport 2.0?

  64. Reply

    Amy Jo

    Hello! I’d love to know how or why you chose the passport 2.0 instead of the newer 3.0. I’m in the market for a new Pfaff myself, and I’m curious as to the reasoning behind it. It’s a big purchase for me, so I’m trying to do lots of research. Thanks in advance!!

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