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Photo Recap: Christmas in Florida


As Santa made his rounds last week, I was in South Florida patiently waiting for what he had in his big red bag. This Christmas was good to me, the best yet actually, as I got to spend time with my family drama free, celebrate my 26th birthday (holy smokes, I’m old), and receive two items I’ve desperately wanted for a long time – a 1956 Singer Featherweight and a 35mm/f1.4 lens. For many people, the number of pounds they weigh is a huge determinant of their happiness, but for me, my unit of measurement is yards of fabric and meters of light. With the newest additions to my life (a sewing machine and camera lens), it looks like my happiness will be through the roof!


Christmas morning was a blast. Apart from burying Jake, our dog, in wrapping paper and tying him up with lots of bows (isn’t he the cutest?), my younger brother’s face when he opened his gift was priceless. At his request, I bought him a Bluetooth boombox. I can’t comprehend why he would be so excited about a piece of equipment that was popular in the 80s, but I’m sure he would never understand my sentiments towards fabrics from the 1950s. To celebrate my big day, my 26th birthday, my family and I had a nice, small dinner. It was nothing special and nothing grand, but it was absolutely perfect. There was good food, good outfits, and lots of laughs.

Every time I return to Philadelphia after the holidays, my feelings are mixed; it’s bittersweet to leave. This time, though, I felt like I was headed back home on my flight back. Philly feels right… like the place I need and want to be to grow personally and professionally. I’m really excited for the next year and I have some big plans I’ll be sharing this week. Let’s do this 2014!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! Also, be sure to click on the image below to see all the full-sized photos from my trip!



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    Natasha Estrada

    That is one sick ass lens. You’ll have that one for a lifetime (unless you drop it) hopefully Canon won’t change the lens mount again anytime soon. All those poor unloved FD mount lens sniff sniff.

    Obviously the boombox is necessary for impromptu John Cusack impersonations from Say Anything. Besides how else do men develop biceps nowadays?

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      Maddie Flanigan

      The 35mm is amazing and great in low light. And the lens distortion on a close up image is awesome in the right situation (i.e. the photo of my dog). A night addition to my lens collections. Canon hasn’t changed their mounts in 20 years and I hope it’s another 20+ years before they do again.

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    Kirsty Bunfield (kbfield)

    It sounds like you had a great Christmas. What a great photo collage x

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    You’ve put together such a lovely Christmas album! the photographs are stunning. But most importantly, that Featherweight is drool worthy!!!

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    Helen McFadyen

    Sounds like a lovely Christmas and birthday! And great presents too – lucky you!
    Now, please stop saying you are old! Having just turned 39, I know what getting old truly feels like! 26 is nothing! 🙂

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    I love seeing your family photos, you can just tell that your family all likes one another so much!

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    Amanda Russell

    Beautiful photos!!! You have really captured a wonderfully warm feeling of holiday love and happiness in your shots – obviously the lens was a perfect gift, and seriously, that Featherweight is sooooo enviable ^___^

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    Meg the Grand

    I love all of these photos so much, but especially the one of your Dad picking you up. Totally perfect 🙂

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