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Photo Recap: My Quick Trip to New York

sewing stores in new york

Well, I made it to New York City and back in one piece. I returned with all appendages attached, barely, and I didn’t even lose my marbles during the whirlwind 48 hours. Impressive, eh? So much happened in that short span of time – fabric shopping with Marce (I scored awesome lace and micro mesh at Spandex House), an interview with a famed couturier (next Portrait of a Seamstress? sneak peak below), and quality time with people I call family. As excited as I was to visit the city, I was just as excited to get back so that I could sew my new goodies, especially since I also just bought a new sewing machine. Details on that impulsive, barnyard purchase tomorrow.

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    Looks like an awesome trip, can’t wait to see what’s in that Spandex House bag. Damn I need to get myself to NYC soon!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Despite its name. Spandex House rocks.

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    Ahh your trip looks amazing! And it sounds like you really used your time super good, looking forward to the posts that will come from all this 🙂

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    Natasha Estrada

    Impulsive sewing machine purchase? Never! Seem pretty well thought out to me.

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    MissySue Hanson

    Amazing post! My son and I want to visit New York during Christmas and ice skate in Rockefeller Center 😉

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    lisa g

    oooohhh great trip! you fit a lot into two days!

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    for a second i thought that was my hair!

    WOW. the insides of that jacket are mind boggling. i’m so glad we got to stomp around, i always enjoy it!

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    Lola Del Rey

    for some reason i missed your response and couldn’t meet you or marcy.. booo! but im glad you had fun. Spandex house is definitely one of my favorite places. Can’t wait to see what you make with the lace. was it the stretchy one that’s somewhat in the back? x

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      Maddie Flanigan

      I’m sorry I missed you too! Next time.

      Yes, I found the lace in the back of the first floor.

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    Good thing it’s only a photo of the bag with all of your fabric scores because, if I had the real thing in front of me, I would already have my hands inside it, probably even draping all the fabric on myself because that is not weird at all. Yes, that is how curious and excited I am to see what you got and all the pretty things you end up making.

    Seems like it was one awesome trip!

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    Can’t wait to see what you bought, and a new sewing machine- awesome!

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    Fun! And, I second Oona’s comment. The insides of that jacket are fabulous. I wish I could just whizz through NYC for 48 hours here and there… Glad you had a great trip!

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    Ally Design Rewind Fashions

    I had to do a double take on that jacket – Incredible interior! I live in Portland, Oregon but now see a trip to New York needs to be in my future!

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    Looks like such a fun trip! And, yes, the insides of The King’s jacket are totally blowing my mind!

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