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My Life With Two Cats: One Year Later


They say your life changes when you have children. Do cats count because let me tell you, I had one life before I adopted Sage and Basil, and I have a completely different life now. I AM a cat mom and proud of it. February marked one year since I adopted these two rascals, whoops… I meant brothers. It’s been an exciting year, and they stuck through all my life, sewing and general trials and tribulations. It’s not easy being a #legitbramaker. That’s true love yo.

They’re personalities have completely switched. Like total 180. When I reached out about adopting, I only wanted one, and it was Sage who caught my eye. The adoption agency, City Kitties, described him as the docile one. His brother, Basil, was active. I visited them at their foster home shortly after, and could see that they were close. Compadres minus the sombreros. “Would you be interested in taking both of them?” Ha! So I can have zero chance of finding my future ex-husband? Thanks, but no thanks. After talking to friends, having two cats made more sense. I’m at work all day – they’d have someone to play with, a partner in crime).