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Playing With Paper Dolls


Didn’t I say paper dolls were cool?

When Anto released her first set of printable paper dolls (she just released her second set), I was one of the first, and happiest, one to get my own copy. She is an amazing illustrator, which was the main reason I wanted to get my hands on her work, but this would also be perfect for my sketchbook. Just as much as I love sewing, I also love collecting random newspaper, magazine, or any other paper clipping and storing them in a folder until one day, I lay them all out, cut them up, and put them together randomly. It’s cool to see things come together in a Hannnah Hoch sort of way.

For this page, the elements came together perfectly. A recent article that I saved and also highlighted (I’m such a geek), was from the Wall Street Journal and was about the artist Edward Hopper and current exhibit on his work. As I started to cut the newspaper for something else (there was an illustration on the back of the paper that I initially wanted to use), I realized that this article would be better for my collage. The two, Anto and Hopper, are both artists that I look up to and admire. Their artwork, drawing and painting, is very different than my artwork, sewing, but it is no less inspiring.

And don’t forget to download the Reese tutorial if you haven’t yet. I can’t wait to see all your variations – just look at Lindsey and Cina’s interpretations!

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    petal and plume

    i! adore! this! and i love your wonderful blog!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      thank you! I hope you continue to stop by 😉

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    That paper doll is a work of art! So pretty <3

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    I just love Anto’s illustrations! The paper dolls are lovely!

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    This is me blushing. I am so happy to know that my work is liked and appreciated so wonderfully and by people I myself admire! I could not have asked for more. Thank you !

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