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Project Update

Well… my next project is moving along quite nicely. I originally planned to finish draping and drafting the pattern last weekend but it was such a beautiful weekend that I couldn’t resist venturing outside my apartment. The sun was shining so bright, even with all my curtains closed, and the temperature was perfect, a not too-cool not too-warm 76 degrees. Even the breeze was just right, only slightly gusting when the sun shown a tad too long. So, I negotiated with my weekend to-do list and decided that it would be okay if I spent ½ the day draping/drafting and ½ the day just enjoying the day. Although I spent the latter ½ fabric shopping for my project, it was the perfect dose of spontaneity and getting away from a “planned weekend.” So that’s where my project stands as of now. I have draped half the garment and I have bought the fabric, an awesome vintage yellow tweed of Jack’s Fabric store on Fabric’s Row (yes, Jack still works there). I’m excited to keep going. This is going to be a good project, I know it.


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    Like Jack’s back… ha..I want to see your fabric.. the suspense is killing me…so it’s a pant? I guess so, since you are draping the rise….Good for you to get out adn work on that wonderful tan.. ha….always love reading your blog.. brightens my day..

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    Oh I want to go there! If I ever find myself back in Philly I will be visiting Jack! Looks like fun. I totally support your time outside. At this time of year I only block out one weekend day for sewing and taking care of business and the other is for the beach! Its amazing for your psyche!

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    Elle C

    Another fabric store to add to my Pinterest page of store to visit. Looks like a great store.

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    oh gosh, all of this beautiful fabric is making me happy!!!
    you have a gorgeous site, girl!
    xo TJ

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    Love, Carrie

    How perfect…..love how you are just going with the flow……I adore yellow too…..have fun this weekend!

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    Awwwh, I love your pictures. It looks like a great place! Oooh, yellow tweed? I can’t wait to see it!

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    Ooh, I’m so excited for your new shorts!! I can’t seem to figure out the Iris shorts– the fit is just off, and I’m too inexperienced fitting shorts/pants to work out the issues!

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