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Question: Can Evening Wear Be Everyday Wear?

One of the perks of working for a fashion company is the amount of clothes I can purchase for less that “suggested retail price.” During the couple of years I’ve worked for my company, I’ve acquired some pretty neat clothing. The best steal was a wedding dress that retailed for $1500 that I bought for $87. Bargain? Yeh, I’d say so.

One of my recent acquisitions was an event dress that a coworker of mine won at an auction but didn’t fit into. She was going to give it away to Goodwill until I joined into a conversation where she and some other ladies were discussing what to do with the dress. Without hesitation, literally, I said I would take it.

I was stoked to get the dress but the first thing I that popped into my mind was, “where the hell am I going to wear it?” My usual weekend plans are far from glamorous. The hottest date I’ve had in months was with my sewing machine. But could this dress be worn as every day wear? Maxi dresses are de riguer now and in my opinion, this dress could look as dressed down as an everyday maxi if I paired it with a jacket and flats or platforms. I’d do it – wear evening wear as everyday wear – but would you?


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    So cute! That jacket complements the dress so well and dresses it down perfectly.

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    What a pretty dress! I curious to see the bodice too! If you want to know if I’d wear this particular dress as everyday wear – no, because it does not suit my lifestyle. I’d trip over the skirt when taking the stairs in the metro or in the office building (plus the horrible escalators!!!), it would stuck between the wheels of my office chair, people would walk on it the in the crowded public transport and on the street etc. If I wanted to wear it, I’d significantly shorten the skirt to liberate my movements. But if you feel comfortable wearing it like this, then why not?

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      My daily commute is definitely not similar to yours but if it was, I’d also say “hell no” to this dress.

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    You need to take yourself out for a nice dinner and show, or host a dinner party with formal wear. Its not an every day dress.

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        the Garment Farmer

        I think Suzanne’s sentiment is a good one–don’t wait for some bloke to ask you out–head out to dinner with your girl pals!

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    Carmen Hui

    I love it! I often dress down my fancy dresses as daywear. I can understand why some people can see it as inappropriare, but my philosphy is to wear wharever that makes you feel great. And yes you will often see me dressed in sequins or a tutu at work. x

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      Sequins and tutus at work? Love it! Now here’s another questions – do you or would you wear both?

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    Clare Mountain

    Ha, I never would have thought you could dress down something like an evening dress! But you totally achieved that. It is most definitely wearable in the day. Now, whether I could be brave enough to go for it myself is another question…

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    Yup yup yup! It totally works and looks really elegant! 🙂

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    Amanda Adams

    You need to own this sucker as day wear! I like it with the jacket and wedges. I would look at this as a nice brunch with the gals kind of feel…

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    Katie Lineaweaver

    I love the way to styled this! I would wear it as day wear, for sure. Except maybe not to work since I pack boxes all day. If I had a desk job, there would be no hesitation. Love.

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      This is one of the ONLY perks of having a desk job!

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    You styled it so well that it could work. Unfortunately, it would be too overdress for my daily routine. It’s a gorgeous gown though, and who doesn’t love some great bargains!

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    The way you’ve got it going on here definitely works – so why the heck not?! I always try to make my clothes work for me in every possible way.

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    i think you know my answer.

    i love how you’ve styled it here. wear that! i seriously played with wearing all my fancy stuff as workwear in seattle, and i loved the hell out of it. it made strangers stop me on the street, and my co workers smile. for me it’s because i don’t want to sew “everyday” wear. been meaning to post about that…

    anyway, i adore your style. hope you’re rocking this outfit today!

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      Ha! You know me too well- I indeed wore it yesterday!

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    I wear my promdress year round too school, work, family visits, … . It’s your basic LBD, and for prom I glammed it up with a sparkly statement necklace. During daytime hours I wear it very basic, with a gray cardi and my boots 🙂

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    Oooh, what a pretty gown! I actually have a vintage one that is *sort* of similar – with the flowy layers of chiffon (I’m guessing yours is chiffon, anyway!) going to the floor. Mine is a soft sherbert orange, though, with rhinestones on the bodice. The rhinestones make it really hard to dress down. I love the way you styled yours – may have to steal your inspiration 🙂

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      oh wow! you’re vintage dress sounds wonderful, especially the color! I’m sure you’re a real bombshell wearing it!

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    Jackie Saffert

    Heck yes! Absolutely. And since this particular dress is so simple and neutral, (albeit gorgeous at the same time) I would say dressing it down is definitely an option.

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    This totally works! I love it styled this way! I could never pull this off with my lifestyle and work schedule, but I admire you gals that can dress up more for everyday and hey, if you can, you should!

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    Miss Crayola Creepy

    You could absolutely wear it during the day!

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    the Garment Farmer

    not to change the subject or anything, but I LOVE your jacket. As for the lovely dress you are wearing with it, I for one would feel over-dressed and uncomfortable if I wore that to work. But that’s me. And that’s where I work. If you are comfortable and it’s appropriate for your line of work, than go for it!! You look darling 🙂

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      Urban always gets it right. It’s disgusting how many of my clothes are from the brand!

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    Yes, I definitely would! If it’s comfortable and stylish and not too obviously glam (beading, head to toe lace, etc) I’d wear it everyday. I don’t think beautiful dresses should be relegated to a special occasion at the back of the closet.

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    GORGEOUS. and definitely day wear! A few years ago I acquired a gorgeous appliqued Clement Ribiero evening dress and started wearing it out with a leather jacket. It was too sad at the back of my closet. Seems like the high low is key 🙂

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      yes! Our clothing has personalities too! This fine dress would be get so depressed it she sat in the back on my closet!

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    Meg the Grand

    You are positively stunning. My jaw just dropped. I think you can wear this paired with a jacket and platforms/flat and go anywhere! The details on the dress are just marvelous – I wouldn’t have hesitated either!

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      Redheads are beautiful, aren’t they? (yes, I’m looking at you!)

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    carrie elias

    This is lovely……I have been known to pair an all sequins mini dress with a collared shirt underneath and crocheted flats for everyday…….a little out there but fun for sure 😀

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      Yep! I’ve don’t that too and yep, I’m a little out there for sure too!

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    Antoinette Perez

    That muted color looks fine for day, esp. in the fall. I might take the tweedy / fall theme one step further, with a rusty reddish leather bag or something. Love the way it’s styled in the photo!

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      I would never have considered the color when determining if this look what good for the daytime. Interesting…

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    Amanda Russell

    OMG that dress is amazing, it’s the perfect colour for you! I absolutely LOVE it with that tailored jacket – you are the master of style!! 😀

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      Master and maven!

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    Erin Currie

    I say most definitely! But then again, I’m not one to follow fashion norms. I’m in graduate school and I live in San Francisco, so I can get away with a lot 🙂

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      as long as you don’t wear pajamas to class. I hated those people in school!

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      I do not follow fashion either, but I am a strict follower of etiquette rules, and the events I attend will very politely refuse entry if one does not dress according to the standards :-). No refunds either, I am afraid.

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    Absolutely! That’s a gorgeous dress. I think you’d cause quite a stir in it.

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      I love your comment, that’s obvious, but even more, I love your use of the term “cause quite a stir”

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    Ooh what a gorgeous dress! Personally, I definitely think you could work this as an everyday look! ^.~

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    This is both a simple and elegant dress that can be effortlessly paired down with a jacket like you did or dressed up with to a dainty gold jewelry. That dress looks beautiful on you.

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    You are fabulous! I love this dress on you. 🙂

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    Marisa Noelle

    Holy genius – that dress could totally be worn for the everyday! I think you would have heads turning – in a very good way of course 🙂

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    Sewing Princess

    It’s a lovely dress and it’s great how you styled it. If I were to wear it I would possibly shorten it a bit to avoid tripping in it. Like you I don’t have many fancy parties or events so dressing down is the only option I have :o(

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    I normally love you styling tips, but I do not really care for that look at all. I am a firm believer in event-appropriate clothing. I am so very thankful that my lifestyle and social circle afford me the opprtunity to wear my many cocktail, evening, dinner and ball dresses to the proper events. My ball gowns, and they are true ball gowns made of metres of silk fabric and tulle petticoats, are reserved for white tie balls as they are much too precious for everyday events.

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