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Survey + Lace Fabric Giveaway


It’s no surprise that I’ve been a busy bee lately making one-off intimate pieces for friends, family and others. I’m exploring ways to expand and a part of that involves writing a business plan. If you’ve ever written one, then you know there is a lot of information to cover; a lot of information about you and your lingerie that quite frankly, I don’t know! So, if you have a spare 5-10 minutes, I have a favor to ask. Will you take a survey about your intimate purchases, likes, dislikes, etc? Your answers will not only help me write a business plan, but it will also help me improve my designs.

The survey will take less than 15 minutes to complete and all questions are optional. Everyone who takes it will be entered to win 5 yards of the stretch galloon lace pictured above (it’s from Bra Makers Supply and it’s glorious) as long as you leave your name and contact information in the survey.

To whoever takes it, thank you and thank you! Mucho love!


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    Done! But you ask for name and contact info twice. I assume contact info means email.

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      You are correct – contact info means email! I’ll update the survey to only ask for it once.

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        Debbie Joanne Ferguson

        It’s still asking twice..

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    dkswife Kay

    I took the survey.

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    Survey taken. I wish more bra makers would were interested in what consumers want.

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    I haven’t bought lingerie in ages, but I put in my two cents since I am glad to hear you’re thinking about a business plan. That seems like a perfect next step. Good luck!

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      Thanks Amy! Appreciate the support. I hope all is well with the little babe!

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    I took the survey – – I hope it’s helpful!

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    Miah grace

    you’re one of my top five favorite bloggers/sewests so I hope I was able to be of some kind of help ^^
    good luck with your business plan!

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      Miah, you are too kind! Thank you! Coincidentally, I want to name one of my designs Mia.

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        miah grace

        how fun! I may need to try sewing it up!

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    Done. I hope it helps.

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    Katie Schulz

    I’d be interested in knowing how many people’s spouses buy them lingerie. I’m pretty sure mine would never think to do it and would rather die than try to pick something out for me.

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    Done, but all the questions were around purchasing lingerie–I haven’t purchased undies in probably ten years and I have only one bra that wasn’t made by me, so I hope my answers don’t skew the results. Anyway, good luck!

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