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Review + Giveaway: Superior Threads


When Superior Threads asked me if I was interested in testing their threads, I told them I most certainly was. I don’t put much thought into thread. I usually grab a spool of poly Coats and Clarks or something similar when buying fabric. Poly because I sew lingerie and the thread has a slight give. Woolly nylon was a new discovery – I wrote about it here – but I only use it for serging. So, yeh Superior Threads, why not expand my thread horizons?

A quick look at Superior Threads website – these guys know their threads. They have almost every type for almost every kind of project – silk, cotton, metallic, fusible, water soluble and more. If only they would sell thread that could do the dishes. Clean the litter box? Pay my taxes? They also have great videos for those of us who are visual learners.

I received their Bottom Line thread and Sergin General thread (full disclosure – Superior Threads provided me with samples – free of charge – but thoughts and opinions are my own). Below are product descriptions for each:

Bottom Line 

Lint free and lightweight blending thread that becomes virtually invisible on light/pastel fabrics. For sewists who don’t want their thread to show and/or don’t like monofilament thread, which has a sheen. Available in 55 colors. Can be used in quilting, applique and for binding and stitch in the ditch. Binding is especially easy as it glides through layers of fabric without any extra friction like other polyester threads.

Sergin’ General 

A poly-wrapped poly core thread specifically designed for serging. “The cleanest serging thread available”. With excellent strength and elongation, it creates smooth stitches with less puckering. Available in 50 solid colors which have been specifically chosen for their blending tones and ability to work with many different fabric colors. Wound on 3,000 yard cones.


I tested their Bottom Line thread on a piece of white lace and pink elastic. If you look at the picture below, I sewed the first zig zag pass (one closest to edge) with a regular poly white thread and the bottom zig zag pass with the Bottom Line. No doubt, the Bottom Line thread is less visible, but I’m not sure if that’s because of the thread or because grey thread can act as a neutral. Gertie wrote about this here. But regardless, I think that the thread lives up to it’s product description, and I will definitely be buying from Superior Threads again.

superior-threads-2 superior-threads-3

Okay! So now for the giveaway. Woot woot! To win a $30 gift certificate from Superior Threads, like Madalynne on Facebook. Then, in the comments below, specify your method of entry and where I can contact you (email, Facebook). If you’re already a follower, don’t worry, just tell me so. Contest opens immediately and will close Wednesday, November 25th, when a winner will be chosen. Last, contest is open internationally. Good luck!


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    hello, you can contact me on my email. I’m a follower via my mom’s facebook as I don’t choose to have my own.

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    Patty Morais

    I follow you on Facebook and your blog, you can contact me on email if I win the superior thread gift certificate, I love their thread

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    Tara Malinowski

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    Hi! I have been following your blog mostly, didn’t realize you had a Facebook page but I just headed over and liked it. Contact me by email if I manage to be lucky enough to win. Love your blog, I am just getting intp bra making, not an easy feat for a 36F girl lol.

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    Hi! I follow you on Facebook and via email. You can contact me on my email if I win. I would love to try some new thread, I never paid too much attention to it. May be I should…

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    What a great offer. Thank you for reviewing the thread. I liked you on FB and my email is in the info with this post. Someone is going to be very happy.

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    Marlys Cocozzoli

    Love Superior Threads. I have several of their variegated Fantastico collection and a few of the embroidery Magnifico. Been using Bottom Line for embroidery bobbin thread for years. Looking forward to trying out their new serger line of thread. Been following you on FB for a while now also!

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    Superior is my go to thread. Great thread= great results.

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    Lisa RxQuilter

    I would love to win. A friend recommended Superior threads today to me for my sit down long arm machine. This would be a wonderful opportunity to try out their thread. I’m following you on FB. I will follow you on your blog now too…happy to have found your blog via IG. RxQuilter

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    I found you from Superior’s Facebook page! I haven’t sewn lingerie in years and years!! I’m so happy to have found you… I’ve subscribed to your blog and liked you on Facebook!

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    Laura Turner

    i love Superior Thread and stop by each time we visit our home in Utah. I really liked your blog and will continue to follow through Facebook. God bless your Thanksgiving and Christmas

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    V Reed

    I’m already a follower. I love reading about your bra sewing adventures!

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    Love Superior Threads. Have used them for a long, long time.

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    Valerie Hoynacki

    I’m a lover of Superior Threads!!!

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    Best way to reach me is Email….I have never tried Superior Thread before….this would certainly be a treat!!

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    I use bloglovin’ to follow this blog, and just liked the FB page. I didn’t realize you had one. You can get ahold of me via FB.

    I had to reaaaally strain to see the grey test-thread. I can only imagine how great it looks in person. 🙂

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    Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Holidays!

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    Facebook is my contact. I love superior thread. It is all I use in my sweet 16.

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    Marilyn S

    I’m a new follower on facebook. I love Superior Thread “So Fine” on my quilts. Thanks for the chance to win and you can contact me via email.

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    Contact by e-mail. Do a lot of sewing and quilting.

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