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I know it’s Tuesday, but don’t you just love Saturday? In my opinion, it is the best day of the week. Friday is over with. Done. Finite. Finished. The entire days and nights of Saturday and Sunday are all that is ahead. No set schedule, no set plans. Everything and anything is up for grabs and subject to change. This weekend, in the midst of drafting a pattern for a dress I will be wearing to 2 friend’s weddings, I decided to take a walk. It was almost 60 degrees here in Philly and it would have been a shame not to spend at least a tidbit of the weekend outdoors. So I strolled along and I stumbled into a used book store, The Last Word Bookshop (click to be connected) for about oh….. 2 hours or so. The thing I love about used books stores is no bestseller section exists. There is no new release section. No giant table where Tina Fey or Stephanie Myers can shell out loads of money to promote their book can be found. All books of all titles, authors, subject, history are jammed into rows of bookshelves, usually overflowing onto the floor and into chairs and egg crates. Notes from previous owners are scattered inside the books. No barcode tells the price – handwritten tags determines how much you’ll pay.

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