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Scrapbook: Dress for You


There’s been a lot of chatter about wardrobes lately – researching it, finding it, and sticking to it. Two of the top gals on my roster of inspiration, Sarai and Mandi, have both had conversations on dressing for you. Finding “your style” has a rap of being attainable only by the high and mighty (yeh Sarai and Mandi, I consider you high and mighty), but even though it is deemed out of reach, I’ve been searching for it recently. Really, it’s because I hate not feeling like myself when I put on an outfit, I hate getting to work and thinking, “What the hell did I put on?” and I hate knowing that I can find my style, and it’s all up to me.

There was a self portrait taken of me last year, and I remember looking at the final version and thinking, “That’s it. That’s me.” I remember rushing back to my notebook/sketchbook/journal and writing, and this is verbatim, “I feel my best when I’m wearing a mix of vintage clothing, modern pieces, and a bit of cream. When I’m simple not trendy, I feel like I’m me and not trying to be them. Remember this feeling, the feeling of feeling awesome, and hold onto that, because that is totally me.” Korny move on my part, yeh probably, but I had to capture that sudden emotion. The black circle skirt I was wearing was femininity, the shoes were, well, comfortable, and the blouse was a word that I’ve adopted as the embodiment of my style – cream. Not boho-chic, not feminine romantic… cream. Cream is my style. Cream is dressing for me. It’s a simple color, just a shade up from white, and it’s the color associated with antiques. It’s tender and effeminate. It’s the color that goes with everything, even a skin color that borders alabaster and hair color bounces between cinnamon, terra cotta, and coffee. Cream can be worn on top, middle, or bottom, and it can be layered over or layered under. Cream… yes that’s me.





Thank you to The Loom, a local warehouse made up of lofts, artist studios, and office space for small businesses for allowing me to come in on a very cold Saturday to stretch our creativity. They view the building as a frame and all the individual tenants as its fibers. Combined, they weave together to become part of a greater hole, just like an actual loom. I had a blast outfitting the giant space to my liking and I even had company – a band practiced below us, so I had constant entertainment. Click on the post footer below to learn more about The Loom.



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    Sarai Mitnick

    Ha! “High and mighty”!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Especially in that 2 piece swimsuit you’re making!

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    Amanda Russell

    I think what you did was incredibly intuitive – it’s so important to capture those moments of clarity, because inevitably, we will get sensory overload and forget what it felt like ^___^ Funny you should say “cream” because that’s what I think of when I think of your style too 🙂 And lace 🙂

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    Natasha Estrada

    I have to admit I have a pretty static style.

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