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The pleasant lassitude of summer definitely kicked in. Not much went on and I honestly don’t have much to tell you. Oh wait… yes I do. I have one funny story to tell you about…

When I got home from work last Friday night, I wanted to get a load of laundry started before sitting down with my date for the evening – a panini and the movie Stand By Me. It was pouring rain, seriously hurricane force winds, but my little tush insisted on starting my laundry. If you’re like me, then you have to force yourself to do laundry or else Sunday night comes, the laundry isn’t finished, and you’re the smelly one at the gym the following week. So with my wallet in my hand (for coins) and a very large Ikea bag on my shoulder, I trucked to the laundromat at the end of the street (yep, I wash my clothes at a laundromat), started a load, and walked, actually ran, back to my apartment building. Shit. I forgot my keys. “No worries,” I thought, “I’ll buzz my neighbors to let me in.” Oh shit, I’m the only tenant currently living in the building because school is out and all the other tenants, students, have left for the summer (my apartment is in a row home so there are only 3 apartments in the building). Shit, shit, and shit. What did I do? My ass pulled a chair and a trash can under the fire escape, put the chair on top of the trash can, stepped on the electrical box (totally not a good idea), and climbed up to my apartment on the 3rd floor. Then I took my air conditioner, a window unit, out from the outside and climb into my apartment. Mind you, hurricane force winds were blowing and I was wearing a white dress. Not a glamorous moment one bit. Facebook upload of this non Grace Kelly moment? Definitely not.

So I hope this weekend starts off quieter. I plan to work on my projects as well as some really neat posts for next week. All 3 of my sewing projects are at the point where things are finally coming together. You know that point where all the preliminary work is completed – research, buying fabric, sewing muslins, correcting the pattern – and the end is in site, just barely. Although it seems like I have a lot of work to do, which I do, before I know it, I’ll be finished and onto my next project.

Do you have any funny stories to compete with mine?


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    Elizabeth Pearson

    OMG! Maddie! You are a trooper for reals. That is a funny/sad/embarrassing story I would not want to experience. On a happy note, sewing projects are amazing, and I cannot wait to see what you come up with. I also love the pic of the blooming Hydrangea, my fav flower.  

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    OMG sounds like a seriously stressful moment!  Thank goodness you got back in you resourceful thing! :O  I don’t have any stories to compete with that!

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    Wow, that is some story! You must have been mega annoyed when you realized you’d forgotten your keys. You’ve reminded me that I had planned to leave a duplicate key to my place with a friend, because there is no way I’ll be able to get into my place if I ever lose mine or get locked out. I’m just not as courageous as you are. You sound like Wonder-woman the way you were able to get in!

    disqus doesn’t allow for guests links so I can’t tell you where I’m writing from :/

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    Ali M

    Well OK, I always like to think I’d do that in a heartbeat if I couldn’t
    get into my house, but it’s awesome to hear  you had the nerve to do
    it!  Sorry about the key situation, but I’m glad you kicked your
    dilemma’s ass! 

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    I’m just seriously impressed by your monkey-like abilities – and your superhero problem solving skills! 

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      Not only can I solve pattern problems but real world problems as well 🙂

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    Oh Maddie! I don’t think I’d be nearly as quick thinking as you. I’d probably mope around the laundry mat until a friend rescued me.
    And not to mother you but you may want to consider how easy your apartment is to break into.  I want you to stay safe!
    On a lighter note… I love that shirt! The patterns are divine!

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      That same thought came to me when I was breaking into my apartment. Don’t worry though, I have taken some measures that my apartment is harder to break into.

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    Oh yikes, that is some serious climbing!! I definitely would have probably cried then called a locksmith, although I we don’t have a fire escape to climb up so I wouldn’t have many options.  My sister and I used to lock ourselves out of our childhood home all the time and we would break in by taking off the front window facing the street and climbing in like creeps.  We were always worried that someone would call the police on us!

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    that story is all kinds of awesome.  i hope you had a stiff drink after.  we locked ourselves out of our storage unit on thursday, but it was nothing a bolt cutter couldn’t fix.

    did you make that t shirt? i’m lusting after it. LUSTING.

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    Maddie, you are pretty bad-ass!!  🙂  Have a great weekend!!

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      Oh believe you and me. I didn’t think I was bad ass at the moment. Just plain stupid!

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    Madalynne, Cat Burglar!  My neighbor locked himself out and climbed in the window like you did, but someone in the neighborhood called the cops on him and he had a very difficult time explaining that he lived there (he had just moved in and didn’t change the address on his driver’s license… yikes!).  I’m glad you were able to get in!!  

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      I was afraid someone was going to call the cops on me. Luckily, I’m stealth 🙂

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    Well done, girl! That’s a great survival skill to master 😉 Funny story? The last one involved heavy drinking, blackouts and lots of  blood.. On top of that – waking up my neighbors at 7.00am on Saturday morning asking to call ambulance, because I couldn’t have probably explained the problem in Japanese over the phone. After that accident we had to cover them in presents (again, according to the good old Japanese rules). Back than the story was not funny at all, but now we laugh a lot about it 🙂

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      oh my goodness… now that’s is a story that definitely competes with mine!

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    I would have loved to of seen that. I have been taking my washing to the laundromat with my big blu ikea bag too!! 

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    Lots of stories this past week, but all of the boring “flight was late” kind — certainly not as amusing as breaking into one’s own flat through the AC unit opening.  😉  As I’m traveling this week, I’m actually going to a laundromat today to do some laundry, and it will be my first time in a laundromat in maybe 15 years!  They’ve come a long way;  this one has free wi-fi!  Cute top.  Everyone loves a flamingo.

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    hahahahahahha. You cracked me up with your story.I once had to let myself  into my flat by climbing through the window. The window was quite tiny, but unfortunately for me, I have a very generous backside. Needless to say, it was quite painful wriggling my way into my room. Luckily my bed was directly beneath my bed, so I fell unto my bed.

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    Uhm, I’m gonna have to classify that as a “terrifying” story. I would be SO scared to do what you did!! Brave/crazy lady!

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    Chrystina Noel

    Where’s your sushi place!!

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      It’s called Aki Japanese Restaurant. It’s on Walnut and 13th (I think). If you go, get the Green Peach Roll. It has avocado and sun dried tomatoes in it. Yum!!

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