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Weekend: Sewing and Cats; Your Responses


If any blogger is frustrated with the amount of comments he or she is receiving, start talking about your furry friends – cats, dogs, rabbits, hell, you can even throw in a snake! Upload an image to Instagram and I bet the number of likes you receive will come close to your record high. Case in point here, here and here.

Thank you all for sharing your tips and advice for handling cats around your sewing supplies. I’m stoked for my new fella to enter my life. Yes, I know that he’ll sit on my fabric and patterns, try to eat my pins and thread, pull my supplies out of where they should be, but that’s all a part of being a pet parent. Quid pro quo – his cuteness will make up for him being a total and complete rascal. As a fun recap to last week’s post, I thought I’d round up what was commented for a little comedy as well as anyone else who is a new cat mom or dad:

1. Thread is the worst! Keep cats away at all cost! Too many have ended up in the emergency room with thread wrapped around their intestines. Cover your machines, especially sergers, and keep thread stored away.

2. Cats are the best fabric weights. Their timing seems is impeccable too. Just take it as a sign of approval.

3. If your cat likes a certain fabric, find a scrap for him/her to sit on while you work.

4. Close off your sewing space (if you can) while you’re not there.

5. If your cat likes to play with long strips of fabric, save trimmings. Once you accumulate a good amount, tie them together and then attach them to an empty thread spool – free toy!

6. Learn to use one hand as a shield while sewing because most likely, your cat will try to take over.

7. Use a spray bottle with water to train cats not to do something. Eventually, just having the bottle around will let your cat know their not allowed to.

8. Invest in lint rollers!

9. Misbehavior may indicate that your cat needs some good ole TLC.



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    Congrats on the new kitty! I missed the advice section but I had the worst thing happen when I was young to my first cat, Kitty. She was obsessed with thread and swallowed a piece with the needle still attached. After a few days of her acting strangely we found her hiding in the basement waiting to die because when cats are in pain they hide, unlike dogs who let you know what’s up. The needle had pierced through her esophagus, out the front of her neck, and was stuck there. Luckily our amazing vet operated and saved her and she went on to live to the ripe old age of 18 but YIKES!!! Also I like to joke that half of my Instagram game is posting photos of Roamy…people really are just there for the cats 😉

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    Whoa! What a story! Can’t believe your kitty lived to 18 years old after that debacle. Obviously, she was a trooper.

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    Piper Springs

    I feel like a bad cat mommy now after reading about all these sad and terrible mishaps. I am now being super careful with my pins, thread and needles. I just wanted to let you know that not all cats are interested in trying to eat notions. I have been sewing for many years and my cats just bat things around and sit on things, not eat them. I just wanted to let you know that it is not like you will have to watch your kitty every second you are sewing, although, like I said, I now get that caution is in order.

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    I keeping my fingers crossed that I get a kitty just like yours. Thanks for the positive vibes!

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      I second this! My cat doesn’t really eat things, he’s just more of an annoyance in the sewing room! Ha! Just a huge fan of knocking your seam rippers off your table right before you needed them… whoever said cats have impeccable timing was right! Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there that not all cats eat thread/pins/needles etc. Definitely keep an eye on your little fella at first to see what his proclivities are, but no need to worry needlessly!

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        I’m now a mom, which means unnecessarily worrying is a given! Thanks again Sallie!

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    s peck

    …and there’s one of my cats who was so fascinated with the machine needle going up and down she managed to (quick as lightening) stick her paw under the needle on its down motion and got it pinned to the machine. Luckily it only got her paw in its web between the claws and I was able to unsew her. She never ever after that even came into the room with the sewing machine.

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      Unsew her – what a great phrase!

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